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  1. Here’s one I did recently. My kids bought Dino bones for me and I gave them a try. Turned out great!
  2. This sums up my theory as well. Especially since the one that stayed lit was the one closest to the bottom vent. As to “why change,” I’m still new enough to the Joe that I’m looking to improve technique where I can. I think I’m going to file this idea in the “tried and abandoned” list and go back to lighting a single spot in the center like I used to do.
  3. I’m about two seasons in on my Big Joe and things are going great! I’m at the point where I’m getting consistently good results and I am now refining technique. This forum has been tremendously helpful ... thanks to John and everyone who contributes and keeps it going. When I first started smoking pork butts, I followed forum advice and lit a single hot spot in the center of my charcoal. In a BGE cookbook I own, they advise lighting the traditional three spot triangle, saying it ensures you‘ll have a fire if one or more of the other spots dies out. This makes sense to me, so I’ve trie
  4. Thanks everyone ... I really appreciate the advice. This forum is a terrific resource. I hope I'm in a position someday soon to give something back instead of taking, taking, taking ... :-)
  5. Thanks John ... good advice. I have been buying my butts at our local grocer. I'll do a little research regarding other options. Follow-up question: when I measure temperature on a big cut like this, I measure in a couple of different places. Obviously, I stay away from the bone, but I find I get different readings in different spots. Should I only worry about the thermal center and let the rest fall where it may? Does probe-tender "trump" temperature, or is it the other way around?
  6. Thanks ... very helpful. Sounds like I've been missing a critical step. I plan on doing a lot of grilling over the next 30 days giving our COVID-19 "stay-at-home" order here in St. Louis. Now I just have to find a way to get some more charcoal.
  7. Adding a little rub to the finished product is an interesting idea. I mixed in some of the juices on my last butt and it helped ... perhaps I need to mix it all it. I'll try adding the rub on the side first. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for this. I found Lang's recipe online and it's very different than anything I've done. Putting it back on the grill after resting makes a lot of sense, as does adding flavor through injection, baked on sauce, etc. I'll give it a try!
  9. I've been cooking on my Big Joe since for almost a year now and love it. I've had amazing success with ribs, beef, chicken, fish, pizza ... everything except pork butt. No matter what rub or method I try, I find my pulled pork to be pretty bland. I've tried several different rubs, I've injected, not injected, I've pushed through the stall with foil, and I've tried the long cook without the foil. I find the foil method akin to braising; my nice firm bark turns to mush in foil. I pull the butt when it probes tender ... about 195 degrees in multiple places. I'm getting tender, moist meat, but wit
  10. As requested, a picture from our second DoJoe cook. We’re using parchment paper instead of a floured peel with great success with thin crust pizzas! I also tried waiting for the DoJoe to cool a bit then removing it and extinguishing the fire. I won’t be doing that again; it was still too hot to handle safely after a couple of hours, and the charcoal saved was insignificant.
  11. From Kamado Joe’s customer service: Thank you for reaching out to us. After the cook, I would close up the bottom vent so no air is coming through the grill and let the DoJoe cool down a bit. Remove it with some kind of hot glove and then close the dome and close up the top vent to put out the fire.
  12. Yeah, I didn’t want to risk moving it while hot. It just seemed like a recipe for disaster. I may ping KJ and see if they have any suggestions for extinguishing the fire after a DoJoe cook. Wasn’t it nice of KJ to paint our Joes in Cardinal Red? Maybe they’ll come out with a Blues version next to honor their Stanley Cup win. :-)
  13. My first cook on my new DoJoe came out great. This is an impressive, well-designed, and well-made accessory. Expensive, yes. But the ability to see/check on your pizza cook and slide in pizza after pizza without opening the lid is soooo nice. I had perfect back to back pizzas on my first attempt. Mine were done in 7-8 mins at a dome and stone temp of 550-570F. Parchment paper made launching and removing the pizza clean and easy. Man, did my patio smell good while they were baking. The Big Joe version of the DoJoe is ... well, BIG. It’s also heavy once loaded up with deflectors and
  14. I use an IKEA outdoor cart as a side cart. It has a stainless steel top so you can put hot stuff on it, a stainless steel bottom shelf, and an accessory rail that runs all the way around just under the top shelf. I hang three carabiners on the back rail where I can hang my accessory rack, both grilling grates, and even the Divide and Conquer ring rack as needed. On the front rail, I have two carabiners for a golf towel and anything else I might want to hang. On the bottom shelf, I have a 5 gal stainless steel can for ashes, and room for a weather tight plastic tub for thermometers, foil, food
  15. Just getting started on my Big Joe and I'm having great success so far. The forum is a terrific resource and is cutting my learning curve dramatically. I have a question about placing my deflectors for indirect heat. Some recipes call for the deflectors to be placed on the lowest option (i.e., closer to the fire) while some recipes call for the deflectors to be placed higher using the accessory rack. I can follow directions, so things are turning out ok. But I'd like to understand what the different setting actually accomplishes and why one is recommended over the other. Thanks in
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