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  1. Hi, I have been looking for a bbq come pizza oven for some time. After visiting a garden centre a few weeks ago I invested in a classic Joe last week. I’m no cook so everything is new to me and have watched many hours of you tube videos from John Setzler, Pitmaster X and Baby Back Maniac. I have already cooked pork chops and peppers using the divide and conquer, awesome pizzas on the stone and last night smoked burgers and kebabs. Last night i put an 11lb Boston Butt on the grill at 225 and this afternoon i’m hoping it’s half as good to eat as it looks. I’ve not tried rubs yet, as they seam to be a big thing in the USA; however, at some point i’ll give them a shot. Loving the grill so far. It’s hugely flexible and it’s nice to get back to charcoal from years of gas. I’m sure the forum will be really useful as I start to learn to cook. andy
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