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  1. I was browsing Amazon the other day and found the BJIII cover by searching the model # listed on KJ's website. On the page that loaded it said a newer model was available. Some of the reviews were dicey but I think the reviews carried over from the older model. Main complaint seemed to be that the bottom was too loose, but I think they added velcro straps to tighten everything up on the newer model? I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet, I was looking for something possibly better/cheaper but haven't found anything yet that looks ideal. Curious to know if any other 3rd party products out there have been found to be a good fit for the BJIII... Edit: I think it would be nice if a cover went all the way down to the wheels to cover the wheel hardware; looks like that may be tough to come by though :/
  2. Thanks for the input, everyone! I think I feel comfortable now leaving it out on the deck, covered while not in use.
  3. New to the charcoal scene and just ordered a Kamado Joe Big Joe III, currently being shipped and I can't wait! Btw I've been lurking on this forum for a week, and it seems like a great community, everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful! Question for all you Kamado owners out there, particularly Kamado Joe owners: Is it safe to keep your grill outside year round (covered), like on a deck or patio? Or would you be worried about the hardware corroding? Debating whether I can keep this bad boy on the deck or if I should give it a nice cozy home in the garage when not in use. If on the deck, it would be exposed to the elements year round, including snow in winter. Even if covered when not in use, should I have concerns about storing it outside?
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