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    Kamadopamine reacted to BobE in Kamado Newbie + Question on Storage   
    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new grill.  You asked a great question, these grills cost some serious coin and we all want them to last.  I live in FL now and keep mine on a covered deck with no corrosion issues after 2+  years.  In New England I had a steel Weber Smokey Mountain that I kept outside with a grill cover and had no issues with rust.  My advice, for what it's worth, is to keep the grill where it will get the most use, that's what you bought it for.  Best of luck with your first cook!
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    Kamadopamine reacted to daninpd in Kamado Newbie + Question on Storage   
    Welcome to the Kamado family to you and your new Joe.  My Joe lives on the deck year round with just a cover and no problems. I don't have harsh winters, but my experience with the Joe is that corrosion isn't a big problem.    Whatever you decide to do, post your cooks!
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    Kamadopamine reacted to gotzero in Kamado Newbie + Question on Storage   
    Year round not under a roof but with a cover. I sometimes roll them under a roof if it is raining like crazy while I am cooking. The worst that happened was one got frozen shut between cooks (it was uncovered).
    Mine continue to look brand new minus the haze on the vent caps from cooking. We use them in the heat, cold, rain, snow, and they are no worse for the wear.
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    Kamadopamine reacted to retfr8flyr in Kamado Newbie + Question on Storage   
    Welcome to the forum! I have my Kamado Joe Big Joe on my open deck with just a cover and it is fine. Under a roof would naturally be better but mine has held up very well for many years now.
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    Kamadopamine reacted to keeperovdeflame in Kamado Newbie + Question on Storage   
    Welcome, Kamadopamine, glad to have you and your soon to be delivered Joe with us. To answer your question, there are probably considerable numbers of folk in both camps. I have seen posts from folks in Canada with extreme cold Winters keeping their kamados outside with nothing but a cover for protection, and folks who live in warmer climates roll them in and out. I cook on a deck, but have a covered section. I keep my kamado out in the open during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, but roll in under the cover of my roof in the Winter. I am thinking you live with what you have available. I have seen pictures of kamados that have lived outside with no cover at all that are years and years old and still cooking. 
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