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  1. Doing a little basting with coconut oil really helps with crisping the skin up!
  2. Is there a link for said YouTube Channel??? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you, @KamadoChris. I will try that again. I noticed my felt is more compressed on one side than the other. I also ordered new felt, after checking it out at a grill store (Amazon had it for half the price), there is much more cushion in it. My charcoal does go out, I will be adding felt to the bottom vent, and see if that helps. I do appreciate your response, I will try again to re-adjust the bands with a second person. It may not really be affecting anything, but the control freak in me wants it to be PERFECT. I may remove the piston permanently, and see if that helps the seal (in my
  4. I use the leather work loves from Lowe's or Home Depot. They are usually about $1.97 each. I have pulled my deflector after a 300 long cook. I have also handled hot coals. I have a third that I will use folded over the first time I have to do a pizza cook, just to be sure.
  5. I removed the top from the bracket, and replaced it. There is still a lean to one side. Has anyone dealt with this issue?
  6. Hip Hippie, Hooray! Yeah, that does look like it was fun! And, I am quite impressed with how that looks, it is fun to look at. When my boy is a little older (16 mos, currently), I want to try something like this! Nice when an idea comes out well! Nice job!
  7. Did a pork butt on my new Louisana-Grills K24, and shredded it with my new Bear Paws I ordered yesterday on Amazon at another users suggestion. Kept the temp around 230F - 260F. Opened a few times to baste. I also injected it last night, and gave it a rub before putting it back in the fridge. It was over 10 hours to get to int temp of 195. Low and Slow with Royal Oak lump and a large chunk of Mesquite for smoke. Darnedest thing, it stalled at 190, dropped to 188. I then wrapped it, and brought the temp up to 275. I did find an air gap on the left side of my main seal. I used a C clamp to keep
  8. Used Royal Oak today to lns a 7 lb butt. Such a different burn than the Cowboy. Looking forward to trying the Western, just to see. They bag of Cowboy will be used for cleaning burns...
  9. Those look really good! I concur, I like the individual size dishes. I will have to try this soon. I have a few frozen fruits in the freezers that could be used!
  10. One pic uploaded twice. Here is the clamp lol
  11. I noticed a slight gap in the main seal on my L-G K24. It looks like the piston keeps the seal from fully meeting, as I could see light coming through. I am using a C clamp with just enough turn to eliminate it. It is definitely listing to the my right, when facing it. Do I need to adjust the bracket that holds the top, or adjust the hinge. Those parts were pre-assembled in the box. I will see if I can loosen the tension on the piston. Anyone else who has corrected this issue? Or, read, heard, seen this being corrected? Thanks! I want that total seal! I haven't added the felt on the bottom ven
  12. Also found this one for the whole head. I will look for a splitting vid. Smoke apigs head in Kamado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqvA7bSErf4
  13. Just picked up a bag of Western from Wally World, and the had RO Reg for $9.87, so picked that up, too. Oh, the joys of being new to something! Edit to add: Enjoy your vacation!
  14. I'm wondering if it is being discontinued, or if they are just trying to move this batch... Also picked up Western, for the regular $9.88
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