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  1. Doing a little basting with coconut oil really helps with crisping the skin up!
  2. Is there a link for said YouTube Channel??? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you, @KamadoChris. I will try that again. I noticed my felt is more compressed on one side than the other. I also ordered new felt, after checking it out at a grill store (Amazon had it for half the price), there is much more cushion in it. My charcoal does go out, I will be adding felt to the bottom vent, and see if that helps. I do appreciate your response, I will try again to re-adjust the bands with a second person. It may not really be affecting anything, but the control freak in me wants it to be PERFECT. I may remove the piston permanently, and see if that helps the seal (in my mind). I will do the smoke test again after a few more cooks!
  4. I use the leather work loves from Lowe's or Home Depot. They are usually about $1.97 each. I have pulled my deflector after a 300 long cook. I have also handled hot coals. I have a third that I will use folded over the first time I have to do a pizza cook, just to be sure.
  5. I removed the top from the bracket, and replaced it. There is still a lean to one side. Has anyone dealt with this issue?
  6. Hip Hippie, Hooray! Yeah, that does look like it was fun! And, I am quite impressed with how that looks, it is fun to look at. When my boy is a little older (16 mos, currently), I want to try something like this! Nice when an idea comes out well! Nice job!
  7. Did a pork butt on my new Louisana-Grills K24, and shredded it with my new Bear Paws I ordered yesterday on Amazon at another users suggestion. Kept the temp around 230F - 260F. Opened a few times to baste. I also injected it last night, and gave it a rub before putting it back in the fridge. It was over 10 hours to get to int temp of 195. Low and Slow with Royal Oak lump and a large chunk of Mesquite for smoke. Darnedest thing, it stalled at 190, dropped to 188. I then wrapped it, and brought the temp up to 275. I did find an air gap on the left side of my main seal. I used a C clamp to keep er shut all the way, not sure if it has much to do with anything, as my other cooks have gone well I will try to adjust the band and hinge tomorrow, once she cools down. The pork came out magnificent! (Shredding was both a breeze, and fun with these bad boys! I was sad when it was so quickly done, and wished for more!) Also, learning my temp controlling on a Kamado. Injected with: 1 cup Apple Juice 1 cup Water 1/2 cup Brown Sugar 1/2 cup Salt 1 TBS Soy Sauce 1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce
  8. Used Royal Oak today to lns a 7 lb butt. Such a different burn than the Cowboy. Looking forward to trying the Western, just to see. They bag of Cowboy will be used for cleaning burns...
  9. Those look really good! I concur, I like the individual size dishes. I will have to try this soon. I have a few frozen fruits in the freezers that could be used!
  10. One pic uploaded twice. Here is the clamp lol
  11. I noticed a slight gap in the main seal on my L-G K24. It looks like the piston keeps the seal from fully meeting, as I could see light coming through. I am using a C clamp with just enough turn to eliminate it. It is definitely listing to the my right, when facing it. Do I need to adjust the bracket that holds the top, or adjust the hinge. Those parts were pre-assembled in the box. I will see if I can loosen the tension on the piston. Anyone else who has corrected this issue? Or, read, heard, seen this being corrected? Thanks! I want that total seal! I haven't added the felt on the bottom vent, yet. A twig bent over, and placed between the guides holds the plates firm, until I get to that. I have added extra felt to the top vent, welders felt placed around it, and re-seating did the trick. Not for this issue... So far, it hasn't burnt out my charcoal when ending a burn, but I would think fixing the slightest gaps will conserve, and help with temp controls to the maximum ability.
  12. Also found this one for the whole head. I will look for a splitting vid. Smoke apigs head in Kamado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqvA7bSErf4
  13. Just picked up a bag of Western from Wally World, and the had RO Reg for $9.87, so picked that up, too. Oh, the joys of being new to something! Edit to add: Enjoy your vacation!
  14. I'm wondering if it is being discontinued, or if they are just trying to move this batch... Also picked up Western, for the regular $9.88
  15. I got a bag of Cowboy when I got my big blue egg at Costco... Walmart has some Western, and going to go by the Depot. Going to place an order on Fogo, too. Darn the tinkering I have to do until I find my go-to's
  16. Thanks for the tips and visuals! Also, now I "have to" go get a laser thermal...
  17. Mine will be here tomorrow. And, paid for them with points on Amazon... Thanks for the reminder! Been meaning to get them for about 10 years!
  18. Maybe an axe? LOL I don't know. Get more heads, and we can test methods!
  19. I just posted in another lump thread, I think we need to start testing blends of charcoals LOL
  20. I think we need to start testing with blended charcoals. LOL
  21. Yup! Low and slow! You can split it in half, and do just half of it. I can attest, the eyeballs are tasty! The cheek meat is to die for! The snout is fine eating, too! Loooooooowww and sllllllooooowwww! There is a restaurant in Houston that I lived near, Hay Merchant, they server half pig heads. They are good! https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&channel=tus&q=hay+merchant+pig+head
  22. Nice looking pig sides! All I have is the Cowboy lump I got when I bought my Big Blue Egg on Monday. LoL I bet I can cook up some fine enough ribs with it on my LG 24. You have made me want ribs even more!
  23. Hello folks! Just picked up the Louisana-Grills K24 from Costco this Sunday. Two good cooks so far! I'm in Plano, TX (suburb just north of Dallas), originally from Houston. My best friend back home has a BGE, and my neighbor has a KJ. They are both excited that I have joined the club. Looking forward to expanding my cooking!
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