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  1. Two updates: The bowl works nicely. It definitely seems to help the kamado drop temps faster when I make my novice mistakes of overshooting temp. It also seems to help cool the coals quicker. I'm going to also try to remember to spread out my coals after a cook as I've heard that helps! After a smoketest, per @fbov's reco, I have found a decent air leak on each side of the vent intake insert just behind the edge where I have drawn in red. I used some high temp lavalock silicon to go ahead and fill all around this area (ended up just going around the whole insert for good measure). Does anyone know if this is standard on these visions? I wonder why they wouldn't just do this better when manufacturing. I suppose at this point, it will be finally air-sealed. I will report back with another test.
  2. @fbov Interesting. These vision vents sure are tricky. I'm feeling a little buyers remorse dealing with these leak issues. I'll report back with a smoke test!
  3. Just an update, added a bowl on top to help snuff out after cooks! Started a discussion here:
  4. I bought a 5.5 QT stainless steel bowl on amazon and lined it with hi temp gasket. To my delight it fit perfectly over the cast iron top vent. My goal is to more quickly snuff out the coals after a cook (it seems to really take a long time to go out and eats up a lot of my coal after a cook!) I also used the hi temp gasket to line the vents. I haven't tested it yet. What do you guys think, will it work!? I'm curious if my new stainless steel bowl will really do much, or possibly damage the ceramic of the grill. We shall see...
  5. @CaptnCook Wow love what you did. I just got my Vision Pro S from Home Depot a couple days ago and immediately smoked 3 pork butts on it! I tried using a "pitmaster IQ 110" (e-mailed them in order to get the s series attachment with my order) to help maintain temps. It seemed to do okay, but varied too much for my comfort in a range of 220-300. Still learning on it. I was hoping for rock solid temp consistency. Although it could be my probes weren't nice enough. I'm upgrading to thermoworks signals in hopes for better readings. Thankfully the butts still turned out great, special thanks to Malcolm Reed's YT Channel. I noticed a lot of smoke coming out around the ash box when the pitmaster was activated especially. Maybe this is normal? Regardless, I'd love to try what you did with the insulation. Do you mind to share the link to your purchase of that specific insulation? (accidentally had one butt sitting on top of the other [it was too fat to fit on the bottom rack!] ended up moving it and the bark recovered later in the cook)
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