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  1. So, I picked up a Spiral Ham, because they are everywhere this time of year and they are easy.....then I had a thought.......should I fire up the Joe and heat/smoke it on my Kamado Joe ? Would it make to too smoky, seeing that its already cooked and basically you are just reheating it ? I looked around on this forum and didn't see any posts about cooking one on a Joe, so I figured I would ask, before I tried it. Has anyone Smoked one on their Joe ? and if so, how did it turn out and is it worth the time/effort ?
  2. Nice job!! - I never wrap mine - just cook low and slow until it reaches 197-199 and pull it off, let it sit, shred and enjoy.
  3. This is basically the same method I use and it makes, in my opinion, restaurant quality wings every time. Even the wife loves them.
  4. Another question - should you put the glaze on it while its smoking or after its done ?
  5. Picked up a KJ Classic today from Costco, as well as 5 bags of Big Block Lump. Can't wait to get it set up. Now I need a Smoke thermometer and the KJ Ash Basket. I think the first items that will be cooked on the 4th will be Ribs and Chicken Wings.
  6. Hi All - After years of prodding from my buddies and my wife, I am finally going to pull the trigger on a Kamado style grill. My buddy has the BGE and loves it, but based on my research, hands on and through the internet, I have decided that I would like to purchase the Kamado Joe Classic. My initial thought is that I since I have waiting for so long to by my new Kamado, that I would just wait until my local Costco has their annual roadshow, but now that I have seen there are other internet companies that have very competitive prices including shipping as compared to Costco. Also - I see that Costco has the Classic II and not the new Classic III - are the update to the 3 worth the extra $$ ? Since my wife has a beef allergy, my cooking focus will be on Ribs, Wings and Pizza. Thanks and cant wait to begin my foray into this new hobby.
  7. It appears as Nut states that these are better prices then Costco ? - I was waiting for my roadshow to come to town - June 28th - but if these prices are in fact better when factoring in the shipping cost - 899 for Classic II - then I will pull the trigger now - Can anyone confirm the price here then Costco ? Thanks
  8. Just wondering if there is any update to this "lump show"?
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