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  1. The Blaze is essentially the same size as the Large Green Egg, but it gets far hotter on the outside. If you keep its feet on though you should be OK. See my thread below for the cart I used. And... Enjoy the Blaze. It will last a (probably 2 or 3) lifetimes! Tom
  2. tmc

    Hard at work

    Cooking 16 drumsticks at the moment. I love this thing.
  3. I found that the nuts interfered with the tightening. It's not a big deal. But I'm a perfectionist and so I (non-lead) soldered the two bolts onto the plate instead.
  4. Welcome to Blaze ownership!
  5. @GATom you should really check out this epic thread by @ckreef
  6. For those of you whom own a DoJoe, would you mind please telling me the inside and outside diameters? I want to see if I could make it work with my non-KJ kamado. Thanks in advance! Tom
  7. Trade wars often don't end well for either side.
  8. Just saw this: Blaze will be increasing their prices 18% (due to import tariffs) on July 16th. So if you want a Blaze whatever, now's the time. (I am not affiliated with Blaze in the slightest. This is just a PSA)
  9. I thought I'd write a quick review of using the BBQ Guru Pit Viper fan and their Blaze Kamado adapter. The adapter comes as two pieces, one for inside the grill and one for outside. There are two hex-head screws and wingnuts to cinch it down in the opening. It seems it's designed to go in from the inside, but I wanted to try to slip it in from the outside. Here's my first attempt at that This didn't work because the second bolt couldn't be pulled through the outer plate and cinched down. Next I added jam nuts and washers (from my
  10. Here's what I found out https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dominus-capital-invests-in-kamado-joe-300717060.html
  11. Did some googling. Dominus Capital, L.P acquired a majority stake in KamadoJoe in Nov. 2018. They also have a majority stake in Masterbuilt. But the two run as independent divisions. The grill you linked to doesn't look like a KJ. The top vent is different, the hinge looks different too. The gasket is felt.
  12. Spaghetti sauce from scratch. 6 hour cook.
  13. Did a low and slow cook this weekend. Loaded the firebox with lump as Blaze did in their video. At the end of the 16 hour cook half the charcoal was left. That roughly confirms their claim of 27.5 hours for the whole thing.
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