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  1. Did a low and slow cook this weekend. Loaded the firebox with lump as Blaze did in their video. At the end of the 16 hour cook half the charcoal was left. That roughly confirms their claim of 27.5 hours for the whole thing.
  2. tmc

    Arriving soon

    Cuna almost works. The adjustable bumpers in the sides to hold the kamado are plastic chair leg levelers. They melted after the first cook. I'm going to try to find PTFE versions and replace them. Side note - confirmed, the Blaze gets hotter than a BGE...
  3. tmc

    Arriving soon

    Yes, it included all three gates. Tom
  4. tmc

    Arriving soon

    Came this morning and I took off work to set it up. Cuna cart fits like a glove (note you have to take the feet off the grill - held on by #5 hex head screws)
  5. tmc

    Arriving soon

    BBQDIRECT had a sale on the Blaze ($1499) and so I jumped. I've been a Webber kettle cooker my whole BBQ life so this will be interesting. I am not a fan of the Blaze cart, so I also ordered a Smoken Cuna cart for the L BGE and will try it out with the Blaze and report back. Dimensions look like it should work but I may need to Macgyver it a bit. Tom in Atlanta
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