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  1. Yes, I wish I’d read your post & thought to do that. The KJ road show was supposed to be at the West Plano, TX Costco location 6/14-6/21. I went to Costco yesterday mostly to buy KJ charcoal & see what they had for KJ accessories. They had displays of Webers, Lousiana grills pellet grills & another Kamado brand that I wasn’t familiar with. The only cooking fuel they had were Traegar pellets. Apparently they have cancelled the road show for that location & in North Texas they will only have one at the McKinney location beginning on the 6/21 & one in Fort Worth in July.
  2. I have a Weber iGrill mini Bluetooth temp reader that has a cord attached to the probe so it doesn’t work when using a rotisserie. I was looking at the Meater. Is the design modular so that if you buy the kit with one probe you can add additional probes later?
  3. Would anyone one know what models of the Kamado Joe they have at the Costco road show? I was looking at getting the Classic III as a Father’s Day present for my husband. Also, given their size how do you get it home? Do they deliver or do we need to borrow a truck & my son’s friends?
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