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  1. It's not a Joe... But Ive put enough Joe parts on it that its part Joe part Browning(?). Found the upper ring cracked the other day (2 spots all the way thru). Debating my options And looking for input as I was hoping to wait until spring to invest in a new grill, and keep this for smaller stuff. Do I continue to use at risk of cracking the shell; try a masonry repair; shell out $$ for a new ring from Joe or BGE? Some in use shots as well...To celebrate its Better days in this time of sadness! Thanks Alex
  2. So if I've got this right Costco only has gen 2 not 3; and a big Joe is being offered at what price 1699? Was planning on going to get a Joe 3. But now I've got some head scratching to do. PS- anyone know Maryland's sales tax rate? Thanks-Alex
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