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  1. Thanks for the tip BM. Next time will try it w/o basting. Was not aware of that bBJ, I would say 5 minutes after the temp was reached I put in the bird. I does make sense to wait to have the temperature gets stable. It was delicious. Tonight is chicken taco leftover night. Can't wait.
  2. I left the neck in the chicken, not sure why. Tried my first whole beer chicken in the KBJ yesterday, the skin and the taste came out outstanding and it was very juicy as well. The potatoes absorbed the juices from the chicken drip and came out very good. The only problem I had which I am still learning is the temperature control. Once I got the dome temperature to 350, it was very hard to keep or bring down. Every time I closed the dome the temp will rise pretty quickly to 440-480, even though the bottom was only open 1 inch and the top was between the 1 and 2 line mark. It took a while for the temp to stabilize. Since I was basting the chicken every 15 minutes it wasn't a big deal as the temperature will drop every time I open the dome. Just In Almost 165F internal temperature. Very juicy!
  3. I do get the lamb chops from Costco but never tried doing them whole. Definitely have to try this way. Now I'm hungry but Costco is closed.
  4. Wow, that does looks delicious. Nice setup as well.
  5. Looks futuristic. Congrats.
  6. Welcome AK-g, as a newbie myself I can't stop thinking on what to cook next on my Kamado.
  7. Awesome, will have to try soon.
  8. Hi Jab, I did steam the lobster the day before, didn't want to grill it or bake it so it wouldn't be too dry. I did followed the rules for steaming reference the lobster weight and they came out very juicy and soft. I cut it in very small size (really small but not shredded) and after putting some small amount of the sauce I put some of the lobster all over the pizza, then covered with fresh mozzarella and that's it. Some people do suggest to use a white sauce but I really don't like the texture and taste so I do prefer the fresh tomato pizza sauce. Hope this helps. Jayx
  9. Hello. This 4th of July had people over (they couldn't stop talking about the Kamado Joe), and we did some stakes, burgers (which they came awesome) but with the celebration going on forgot to take pictures. Also tried to make a lobster and another pepperoni pizza with home made sauce. Did a 480g of flour with 73% hydration and found out the dough was a little wet to work with, it came out good but hard to work with. Everyone did like the taste and the crust. However I was not too crazy about the crust. Had a little lobster and pepperoni leftovers and decided to try the pizza again yesterday, this time I used 70% hydration and it was much better to work with. The first pizza (lobster one) I left for cooking for 8 minutes and although it was incredible tasty and good, the crust was still not crispy enough for my taster, the pepperoni I decided to leave for 10 minutes and the crust came out perfectly, very happy with the results. Here are some pictures. LOBSTER PIZZA PEPPERONI PIZZA
  10. Hello, due to some unforeseen issues, was not able to use the BKJ last weekend. After the storm settled down today I decided to cook some T-bone steaks. I did follow the instructions provided by "Kamado Joe" on youtube and I can't tell you how good these steaks came out. Was going to do some veggies and salad but after seeing how big it was I decided just to accompany with the small potatoes. I did use some smoke apple wood and I will not exaggerate when I say this is one of the best steaks I had in a long time. I am hooked with this thing. Following are some pictures. First time smoke coming out..... (the plant in the pic is a dollar tree, just in case, hehehe) 2 pieces of apple wood (what a difference these things make). T-Bones (seasoned 2 days ago). What a beauty..... I got mine M-R, it was very juicy and super tasty. Like I said, I am hooked, can't wait to cook again. JX
  11. Awesome, thank you for the quick replies. LOL, actually I wasn't worrying about me getting wet but for the BJ. I did order the cast iron griddle and the half moon grate which I will season, not the other ones that came with the BJ. Thanks again, will post picture of first cook. Jay
  12. Well, after getting my BJ the rain didn't stopped for a whole week and half, now is gone and this weekend will be great to do the first cook in the Kamado. I been reading a lot in this forum and the recipes are fantastic. I will be seasoning today. One thing I can't find is how you keep your heat deflectors cleaned while cooking? Also, once you start the fire when do you put the heat deflectors on? With this model the heat deflectors looks like a pizza stone divided in 2 and I can't imagine lifting those things after really hot to put wood for smoking or anything like that. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Jay
  13. I was lucky enough to have the Kamado Joe roadshow at my local Costco store. Been wanting a Kamado for a long time but was not sure which one to get. Started doing research and after a few days on the last date of the show I bought the Kamado big joe. Always had propane grills but trying some of my friend's charcoal grills I really enjoy the food more, with the exception of sometimes tasting the lighter fluid in the food, hence the reason never went to a charcoal grill. But with the Komodo there is not need for that and decided to get it. Haven't grill with charcoal in a long time so I am very happy I found this website. I am sure I will find great information and tips from other Kamado users.
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