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  1. Dang i never wouldve known that ill have to pay attention on my next smoke for sure where it burns thank you!
  2. Dang that's awesome I found out about that last night and I'm already sold in it for sure!
  3. Ya that's what I am going to do next smoke I do in a few days hand pick some large pieces and put them on the bottom
  4. Ill probably fill the box up with big pieces on the bottom and fill it up as much as I can and increase the running temp to see how that works out hopefully the extra lump and higher temp keep it out of the stall.
  5. ya I think that's the plan next time I filled it up pretty good last time but there was still a little room.
  6. Ya without a doubt I have been on here looking at all the awesome stuff people have been making it blows my mind how much you can do on them. I just did a couple of home made pizzas on the pizza stone and they turned out great!
  7. Thank you! Yeah hopefully Im excited to get to know the joe for sure!
  8. Thank you there for sure is tons of info here I love it!
  9. Ya I think for the next round I will load it up even more and just have more patience in the stall then before, I was also thinking of increasing the temp to come out of the stall Ive been seeing on here peoples preference is a 275 running temp versus like a 225 which is what I did, I think I might give that a whirl as well.
  10. I used lump on it I think maybe I didn't use enough in the beginning Ill do it again in a few days for round two and just wait it out longer then I did the first time I think.
  11. Hows it going! Im new to the forum as well as owning a komado joe style set up. Little bit of history I have always really enjoyed grilling when my family was growing up my mom and dad would buy a cow or half a cow at the beginning of the spring to fill the deep freeze. I wanted to learn how to grill like my dad so I started doing all the grill work and cooking for the family starting at about 10 or 11. Since we had a huge deep freeze we were grilling multiple times a week so I quickly picked it up and had a knack for it. My dad started smoking and I always wanted to try it to. He had been doing it for a few years on different set ups working his way up to the big joe finally some years ago and he really took off with it. As a house warming present for me and my wife he passed down his big joe and all the stuff he had with it to me when he retired and started traveling. Already broke it in smoked 2 butts and learned about the stall but came out great! Needless to say I have the bug!
  12. Did my first low and slow on a couple of butts a while ago hit the stall around 160 as expected, I tried waiting it out but unfortunately it never came out of the stall and my big joe lost temperature even after i did all the adjustments i could to the vents. Took them off and finished them in the oven and it still turned out great. Next day opening the joe i found most of the charcoal was still good to go on the outside edges almost the lumps right above the inlet was burned. learning a few things i didn't put big chunks at the bottom and i chose not to increase the temperature to get out of the stall. I am pretty sure the inlet got blocked up with ash and cut off air flow after a while. Would you guys recommend quickly taking out the tray on the bottom to clean out the ashes in every now and then?
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