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  1. We are going to grill pizzas tonight with friends. The other day I tried grilling pizza for the first time. It was absolutely delicious. I used a 70% dough, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, sauteed portabellas, baby greens, and prosciutto. I was running between 750-800 degrees according to the dome thermometer. I'm trying to decide if I should go a little cooler or go with a drier dough. Cheers! Matt
  2. Hi Everyone, I have two extra Kamado Joe Big Joe III carts available. These are the newer carts that are formed sheet metal, not the wrought iron look ones. They are complete kits. Here's the situation. I ordered a Big Joe III, and KJ sent me a cart by itself before they sent the grill. The cart was in a box that was pretty destroyed by the time I got it and the bottom corners of the legs of the cart had some chips in the paint. They easily agreed to replace it and did the exact same thing again. So the second cart also has small paint chips on the corners of the legs. KJ easily agreed to send another one which came with the grill and was not damaged. KJ did not want me to return the carts because they said it is not economical to do so. Now, I have two extra complete cart kits. If you would like one of them, I would just ask that you reimburse me for any shipping costs. Is anyone interested in that? Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if the Big Joe I and II will fit in the new cart on the Big Joe III? Thank you! Matt
  4. I still have the text from my post on my other computer, I'll reread it. Pretty sure I asked if their CS is good or if there is another product I should be considering.
  5. So you did see my original post?
  6. Well...considering that you didn't see my original story, you're just making assumptions. And then posting about it on social media until your heart's content. First, I actually came here for advice and to ask if KJ's reputation for good customer service was still holding strong. I was trying to make a decision about who to purchase from given two service issues that I experienced. I was not here just to complain. I don't think your assumption regarding this was accurate. Secondly, I had two separate service failures with several missed opportunities for KJ to fix them. It wasn't until I asked to cancel my order that they seemed to care. Furthermore, I am giving them yet another opportunity to resolve the issues. Your assumption is not the case in this instance. At any rate, if you have any commentary on whether or not KJ's customer service is worthy of the boutique pricing, I am interested. Cheers, Matt
  7. In light of additional communication with Kamado Joe, I'm retracting this story for now. Thanks, Matt
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