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  1. So, I tried not wrapping and I have to say I think it’s worth the trouble to wrap. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/498322 It took so long I took them off after a bit over 7 hrs. They never reached the temps the wrapped version did and not surprisingly were not tender enough, but weren’t terrible. Certainly better than my first cook. But I could tell they were drier. So I don’t think they turned out bad it’s just wrapping makes them cook much faster, and they turn out moister. Had I been able to leave them on for 8 hrs maybe they probably would have been better. Also, after a few cooks I do think the temp probes are a good indicator. At the start of the cook the temps at different probes can differ a good bit as the temperature in the meat is changing quickly. But because this is a low and slow cook, and a thin piece of meat, the entire piece of meat gets very close in temperature towards the end of the cook. As you can see by the graphs the probes only differ by a few degrees if they are placed well. One was poking through the meat which was why it was much higher.
  2. What I had read is that wrapping helps get the temp up faster because it prevents evaporative cooling. I’ll have to give unwrapped a try and see how it compares but I wanted to get the wrapped version down so I would have a reference point. I do like the idea if not having to mess with the ribs. Last night I did just that... and they turned out perfect! https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/486741 So while measuring temp with ribs is hard to do accurately, it’s clear temp is what matters, more so than time. These were actually more tender than the ribs I sous vide @ 165 for 11 hrs after they came out tough on the last cook. And with 3 probes in the ribs I was able to get some idea of the temp. I also saw the bark crack like some suggested as a sign of doneness.
  3. BTW... took out 2nd rack if ribs from the fridge, sous vide for 11 hrs... and they turned out pretty good. Smoke seemed to mellow a bit in the fridge and they were a lot more tender. So never give up I guess lol.
  4. I was talking about internal temperature. I don’t have a lot of experience at this but I was surprised how 6 additional hrs @ 165 with sous vide still didn’t make them super tender. During the cook it looks like the hottest probe briefly reached 180, and that was while wrapped. So it seems that clearly the ribs are going to need to hit a higher temp and sit there to really get tender. It looks like they can spend just about forever unwrapped... at least with the temp I was cooking at.
  5. I’ve been watching a few videos and I’m wondering what recipes you guys consider the least effort? Sometimes I’m limited on prep time although I can usually schedule it. So time to cook is less important than prep time. Thanks!
  6. Also thanks for the video. That explains it really well.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys. You’re right... I did leave the lid open while wrapping and I realized my mistake after. I really didn’t leave it open very long at all but I see now how little time it takes to cause the temp to overshoot. After that when I took the foil off I kept the open time to a minimum while I unwrapped and didn’t overshoot. The overshoot is what I meant about adjusting the top vent. The flame boss alerted me and suggested closing it down further. I’m sure it did this because it was at 0 percent fan and the temp was dropping very slowly. I smoked some salmon last night and kept it around 160... so I think I have a good feel for the top vent now. I have not noticed the 500 overshooting when bringing the grill to temp. It seems pretty good at avoiding that.
  8. I think they still had a while to go. Even after 6 more hrs sous vide @ 165 they were still a long way from “fall off the bone” but significantly better. I was afraid of overcooking my first try so looks like next time I need to be more careful not to do the opposite.
  9. I’m sure testing for doneness is the best way to nail it. I am still trying to figure that out. I cooked two racks... 1 was a lot more bendy than the other. I think I ate the less bendy one... so maybe the other rack is in better shape. That said... I am trying to learn from the graphs as well. I’m hoping I can get more consistent results by using that to get in the ball park at least. Honestly the biggest issue with them was just the hickory smoke. I think next time I may do something like oak or only go with 1 piece of hickory.
  10. Finally got my grill set up! I got the kamado joe classic 3 and the flame boss 500. Here’s my first cook, I used the slo roller: https://myflameboss.com/en/cooks/481465 Sadly... they didn’t turn out great. They are edible but I felt like they were too tough and too much smoke. I used 3 chunks of hickory, and the pork mojo rub from AGC. 1 chunk didn’t even burn up. I did 2 hrs unwrapped, wrapped with aluminum for 1 hr, then a little over 1 hr unwrapped. I ate some and then vacuum sealed the rest and am about to sous vide them for a while. Maybe they’ll turn out better after that. Did some reading and I think my mistake was simply not cooking them long enough, and of course too much hickory. I read I should be shooting for around 195.
  11. ezbbq

    sloroller care

    Hello, I am new here and have a classic 3 on the way. I’ve been reading a lot but I am still unclear on a few points and would love any advice you guys can give on the new sloroller: I’ve seen a number of videos from John Setzler (which are fantastic BTW!) In some he appears to use a drip pan and in some he doesn’t. Given the sloroller appears all about airflow, I’m wondering if using a drip pan matters in that regard or not? How does one make the decision to use a drip pan vs not? The sloroller is not suppose to exceed 500 F, but that’s the sloroller’s temp, not the heat measured by the dome thermometer, grate temp, etc. It’s obviously much closer to the fire so I’m wondering if there is any kind of guidance on what kind of temp at the grates or dome one should limit oneself to when using the sloroller? Thanks!
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