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  1. Hey Friends, over Covid I started a YouTube channel which doesn't get any views but is fun. I started venturing into cooking this week so this is a shameless plug. Take a peak, give me a subscribe
  2. Hey Team, I have a little youtube channel and I've gotten a bunch of questions on my set up so I made this vid. I figured I'd share it with this group. If you have feedback let me know.
  3. Wow I love it, I have those same two grills! How hard is it to pull the big one out if you had to move it? Looks like the Jr comes out the top?
  4. This is great, I need to do a dry run as well and this has reminded me to go get a bird!
  5. I do what you're talking about every time I cook pizza... never had an issue.
  6. I bought this thinking I would use it on my Akorn and I just dont use it. I tried it two times and I couldn't get it dialed in so I gave up. Its in like new condition. Comes with all the parts an Akorn adapter and instruction manual. No box. I don't really know what to ask for it so make me an offer and we can figure out the shipping. Thanks
  7. Just wanted to provide some video evidence that it works. (PS it works great)
  8. I keep my grills inside and I'm hoping to never have to replace the firebox! I told myself if the Akorn ever rusts out I am going to get a KJ
  9. Had a big day (for me) Saturday. Rack of ribs on the Jr, and my first Rotisserie Chicken using the JoeTisserie on the Sr. My wife has perfected her bake bean recipe as well so dinner was pretty special. I have fallen in love with Tyler Florence's BBQ rub recipe, which I used on both the ribs and the chicken. If you need sauce (we did not) Trader Joes KC style sauce goes PERFECT with it. Used apple wood for smoke on both. Ribs took 5 hours at 225, chicken took 75 mins at 375. All in all it was a great day of cooking / puttering around the house. Hope you all had a good weekend.
  10. When I do my beer can I just use the stock smoking stone, but I'm with you I dont get a real dark color on the skin. Not saying its not delicious but if you're looking for more color maybe the rotisserie is the way to go... BBQube Pizza ring is wide open in the front so its not going to seal up at all. I was under the impression that the primary cooking for a rotisserie set up was direct heat. So although you'll lose a lot of heat out the front I think it should be fine.
  11. Hey Team, Just had my 40th Bday and my wife bought me a JoeTisserie for the Akorn (after some research it looks like it fits the Akorn) but now I'm having second thoughts. It's a pretty expensive set up, and my beer can chicken is already really good. Am I going to LOVE having a Rotisserie? And if so, should I just get the BBQube Pizza Ring and a universal rotisserie for less than half the price of the JoeTisserie? Let me know what you think... Should I send this thing back, or open it up and spin some chicken.
  12. This reminds me of the Good Eats episode when Alton makes a Kamado out of two flower pots.
  13. Another successful cook on the Akorn last night. One interesting thing is I got my first box of KJ charcoal and it was REALLY smoky, and not a great smoke flavor either... it almost had a lighter fluid twinge to it, very weird. I even let it burn for a quite a while as I was waiting for the smoke to clear up. I'm not sure I want to use this stuff. I got a good deal on it from Amazon so I'll figured I'd give it a shot.
  14. Realizing I should have been more clear... I started pulling the parchment OUT because I did a few cooks leaving it in and I couldn't get the crisp on the bottom of the crust I was looking for.
  15. I struggle to get my pie to slide nicely on my wooden peel, I end up using too much cornmeal that it makes a mess. I have settled on using parchment to slide it onto the stone. I pull the parchment out after 1 min, it doesn't burn and I can still get a nice crisp crust. One more step, but it seems to work better for me than cornmeal or flour. Perhaps I need to procure a metal peel.
  16. funny thing about this is I am actually thinking about getting a Joetisserie for my Akorn because the quality seems to be so much better than the cheaper alternative...
  17. Thank you kind sir, I have been on the fence for a while but this has pushed me over the edge
  18. A little update on my controller... I spent most of the day yesterday playing with it and logged the whole thing. Basically after a whole day of testing I am still pretty unhappy with it. I do feel like I know the proper settings to let it manage the fire but the temp swing is drastic. I started out with a fresh batch of BGE lump. I cleaned out my firebox and ash tray and strategically placed big chunks of lump in the bottom of the firebox to promote airflow. I started a VERY small fire in the center as PitMaster suggests. As soon as the starter burned out I loaded up the smoking stone, grate, shut the lid and engaged the IQ110. I am not going to post my notes about how the fan behaved because everything in the manual and on the PitMaster website says don't try to make sense of when the blower blows. Basically I'm not smart enough to understand how it works... So here is my day. Like I said, I'll include time, temp and vent settings. Not what the fan was doing. 11:20 - Small fire was going, shut lid and set the top vent at 1, damper on the IQ was set at 1 and the temp set at 250. I chose 1 on the damper because everything in the documentation says over restriction is better than under... 11:29 - fire was out. I opened the lid, pulled the grate and stone and hit the center of the coals with my torch. Just enough to get it going again. I watched the temp to make sure it was climbing and walked away for a bit. 11:45 - My Smoke Thermometer was reading 260 and climbing, so I dialed the temp down on the IQ until it started reading "At temp" At this point I also closed the top vent down to about .5 12:15 - Fire was out again... Temp had climbed up to 270 and then fell to 140. I relit the coals as stated above, opened the top back up to 1 and reset the IQ to 250. 12:25 - Temp had shot back up to 265. Turned the dial on the IQ down to 230ish again and closed the top vent to about .6 12:45 - Temp was dropping fast. When it hit 250 I had the idea that if I opened up the damper on the IQ a little maybe it wouldn't snuff the fire out so I opened it to #2. So this is where I got to the point where I didn't have to touch it again. IQ temp set at 250, damper in the #2 setting with the Akorn top vent set at 1. For about 4 hours it would rise up to about 270, then drop to 220. Over and over and over again. The good part is I feel OK-ish about setting this thing up and leaving it (maybe even overnight) the bad part is, like I stated earlier in this post, my IQ110, on my Akorn seems to regularly swing 50 degrees! I tried to call the company but they might be on Covid lock down like everyone else because their phone system is a labyrinth ending in voicemail. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do now. I would love to get a controller that I could rely on, but maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. I don't ALWAYS want to be able to "set it and forget it" but having that option would just simplify life. Esp when I can leave the house again.
  19. This is the one I ordered https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075T3BL29/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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