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  1. K_sqrd Thanks! I have seen all the accessories at galaxy, but since they didn't list prices or have an "add to cart" type feature I let it go. I will email them for more info. I also want the upper cooking rack in addition to the deflector. Kiln shop you say? That is a great idea!
  2. Hello, This is a great forum! I have recently acquired an old K7. I have done a few simple cooks on it in the past couple weeks using a pizza stone and a few bricks as a makeshift heat deflector, which works fine however I would prefer a commercially made product. I would like to see options for accessories that would fit the K7 and am not having much luck scouring the internet. I borrowed a place setter for a large Green Egg and it is a little small, and I'm not sure if the XL Green Egg place setter would be too large. The top of my fire bowl is 20" in diameter and the grate diameter is 22". Is there a commercially made Kamado on the market that has a line of parts that would fit my K7? Do you think the Rocket parts would work? Pictures of foil wrapped pizza stone and large BGE place setter below. Seems like there should be a K7 support group. HA! --BBQ Brian
  3. Thank you. I will monkey with the bands and springs until its right. It will smoke nice at 280* all day long, so i might just go with that, especially for a pork butt. I look forward to more cooks and refining my technique. I wonder if galaxy or someone has a daisy wheel style lower vent to replace the original pull out lower vent? Like the new KK that has a wheel bottom vent.
  4. Hello all, I stumbled onto what I think is a k7. I traded a little work for one that a customer of mine had collecting dust. It seems to be in great shape compared to some I have seen people take on. Did I get lucky or are these cursed? I read the almost 30 page restoration by adder last weekend and have read everyday about kamado style grills, lump charcoal, lighter cubes and the rest. I love to learn new stuff. I have an offset smoker and several webers and am really liking this new "Taj MahGrill" as my wife has dubbed the K7. I replaced the gaskets, the thermometer and got the top damper moving after 5 days of soaking and grunting. I took the springs out and added a 3/4" piece of metal conduit to give it a little help and greased the springs to quiet things down. It really won"t stay perfectly open or perfectly closed - at least not with ease or reliablity. It has no cracks, all original tiles, firebowl and the approx 1 3/4" thick disk with holes that sits in the firebowl. Is this a K7? Is it from Sacramento? Any tips on keeping her low and slow for 8 hours? Anyone use a kick ash basket? I have done two cooks and it seems to run a little warmer than I prefer (280). Fine for pork butt but not a brisket. maybe it's too much fuel, I am new to lump. Messed with the dampers every 30 mins or so and it slowly goes up too high or down too low and goes out. Yes I have a maveric remote thermometer to accurately monitor temps. I used a pizza stone as a deflector. Thanks everyone, I love the forum. I am looking forward to seeing any comments. I know I have asked a lot and will be more specific in future posts. Brian
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