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    My dogs (3 Bouvier Des Flandres). Maintaining 1.25 acres of desert landscaping and traveling this great country in my motorhome with my wife of 5.4 decades.
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  1. cmiller, I also use the water pan filled with apple juice or apple cider sitting on the smoking stone (diffuser).
  2. BobE, plenty of moisture in the pork loin. Brining helps with the moisture, but it seems to have backfired on me this time. Usually my wife has a special recipe she coats the loins with. So far I've not had any issues with lack of moisture, just keeping the grill around 225. That's using the smoking Stone which helps to keep the heat down.
  3. I got hooked on Kamado grills and smoking while visiting a friend in Maine. He introduced me to smoking on a BGE and I've not looked back. Couldn't afford a BGE but my wife found a Char-griller Acorn Kamado Cart at Home Depot for $119.. We've had it about 9 months and smoked 2 briskets 2 tri-tips 3 bone in pork loins (rack of pork), a few pork loins and of course bison burgers and au gratin potato's. So far I've had one failure, the last rack of pork was quite tough. I use 2 thermometers, one for the meat and one for the grill temp. Grill temp was between 230-250 and the meat reached 140 after about 2 hours. The meat was brined over night and brought to room temp before it went on the grill. I use large chunk lump charcoal and start the charcoal from the center as described on this forum. One of my main issues is maintaining a temp of 225 without the coals going out. The other is, do I need to cook the rack at a higher temp? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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