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    Offset smoking, Texas bbq, Creole & Southern cooking, Japanese habatchi grilling, Indian Tandoor... basically all things wood, meat and fire.
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  1. Yeah, had to go with a propane fueled unit due to condo/association by laws. I've basically turned it into a vertical smoker using fist size chunks on a stainless steel plate. Still refining the technique for a clean burn and seeing how far I can push it to get more offset like results. If only I had a backyard...
  2. Bought my kamado a year ago and finally decided to join. Looking forward to sharing and being part of the tribe.
  3. Hey John, any further developments? I'm also on a similar all wood fire quest with my Vision kamado. When using a heat deflector it seems you have to increase airflow in order to get clean smoke. I've had to prop open my exhaust vent and it works, good smoke with that perfect perfume of wood flavor. The bad news is because of the faster airflow the smoke is moving so fast through the chamber that it doesn't have time to flavor the meat. I'll keep experimenting but fear we may be trying to force a square peg into a round hole.
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