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  1. Thanks Mr Cue, Iv'e seen ribs like this before and didn't know what the heck it was... I just squared the ribs off, and cut that bone off. Chris
  2. Yeah, I guess everyone gets a piece of the pie... (Damn taxes) Where's pics of the ribs? Chris
  3. LOL! yeah, about a thousand dollars seems like alot for a bbq grill. But, i'll tell you what,this thing cooks really well. My wife is asking"what are you making next?" Chris
  4. Turned out awesome! The most tender and juicy fish I'd ever had. Love cooking on this grill
  5. Looks good.... these kamados turn out some great food. Happy Griillin, Chris
  6. Thanks Len... I had those inside of the folder with the paperwork (mine was Costco DEMO).... thought he left pieces out. Chris
  7. Doug, glad your enjoying your new grill. I picked mine up about a week ago, and have enjoyed a few good cooks. Chris
  8. yep. It came out great, and not just because I had a few Coronas. HAHA! Chris
  9. My side for the bbq with friends and family
  10. Looks awesome Dan.. I see your from Prunedale, drove through many times. I'm originally from Pacific Grove, and moved to the Bay Area almost 30 yrs ago. If you're ever around the San Jose area there's a Portuguese sausage place called Goulart's. Theyr'e on Saint John, it's excellent, been going there for years. My favorite is the homestyle linguica, which has wine and garlic with chunky meat.. Chris
  11. Thanks Landscaper. It came out tender and juicy- which is a first, because without fat they're usually dry. Chris
  12. Recipe is: 1/2 cup peach preserves 1 chipotle pepper with tablespoon of adobo clove of garlic handful of chopped cilantro teaspoon cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon pepper Apply dry rub to pork. I had Mc cormicks sweet and smoky bbq rub Set grill to 400-425 sear on one side, then other and brush with glaze continue until you like sear marks set on indirect side of grill, I cooked until about 135, but it wasn't done until 140 plus
  13. No doubt! Turned out great, had to put the thicker end on a little longer. Chris
  14. Lmaooooo. Hey, those double stacks with mushrooms and cheese are bomb.
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