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  1. Thanks. Yep, it turned out great. Friends and family always ask if i have any jerky, my siter in law asked for jerky for her birthday last year. lol Chris
  2. Thanks TKO, Yep, that sucker was good. I had it for dinner for three days. haha Chris
  3. Thanks! Yeah, probably the best lamb I've made. Haven't done a long/overnight cook on it yet, the temp gets erratic. Chris
  4. Tonight's dinner is amazing! Love cooking on the kamado joe. Recipe is: Fresh rosemary Thyme Olive oil Garlic Red wine vinegar Marinate for 4 hours or longer Grilled at 325 until 140 degrees Kamado lump with 3 apple chunks
  5. Hey guys, thought I'd share this jerky recipe with the group.. 3lbs beef, I use London broil or thin slices 1 cup low sodium soy sauce 1/4c sriracha 1tb liquid smoke... hickory 1tb Worcestershire sauce 2tb steak sauce 2tb garlic 1ts vinegar 1/4c brown sugar 2tb chili flakes... This is marinated overnight I smoke at 180 for about 3 hours, but needs to be flipped part way through . Cook until dry and cracks when bent.. Will get some pictures up, cooking right now.
  6. Thanks Mr Cue, Iv'e seen ribs like this before and didn't know what the heck it was... I just squared the ribs off, and cut that bone off. Chris
  7. Yeah, I guess everyone gets a piece of the pie... (Damn taxes) Where's pics of the ribs? Chris
  8. LOL! yeah, about a thousand dollars seems like alot for a bbq grill. But, i'll tell you what,this thing cooks really well. My wife is asking"what are you making next?" Chris
  9. Turned out awesome! The most tender and juicy fish I'd ever had. Love cooking on this grill
  10. Looks good.... these kamados turn out some great food. Happy Griillin, Chris
  11. Thanks Len... I had those inside of the folder with the paperwork (mine was Costco DEMO).... thought he left pieces out. Chris
  12. Doug, glad your enjoying your new grill. I picked mine up about a week ago, and have enjoyed a few good cooks. Chris
  13. yep. It came out great, and not just because I had a few Coronas. HAHA! Chris
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