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  1. Thanks. Yep, it turned out great. Friends and family always ask if i have any jerky, my siter in law asked for jerky for her birthday last year. lol Chris
  2. Thanks TKO, Yep, that sucker was good. I had it for dinner for three days. haha Chris
  3. Thanks! Yeah, probably the best lamb I've made. Haven't done a long/overnight cook on it yet, the temp gets erratic. Chris
  4. Tonight's dinner is amazing! Love cooking on the kamado joe. Recipe is: Fresh rosemary Thyme Olive oil Garlic Red wine vinegar Marinate for 4 hours or longer Grilled at 325 until 140 degrees Kamado lump with 3 apple chunks
  5. Hey guys, thought I'd share this jerky recipe with the group.. 3lbs beef, I use London broil or thin slices 1 cup low sodium soy sauce 1/4c sriracha 1tb liquid smoke... hickory 1tb Worcestershire sauce 2tb steak sauce 2tb garlic 1ts vinegar 1/4c brown sugar 2tb chili flakes... This is marinated overnight I smoke at 180 for about 3 hours, but needs to be flipped part way through . Cook until dry and cracks when bent.. Will get some pictures up, cooking right now.
  6. Yeah, I guess everyone gets a piece of the pie... (Damn taxes) Where's pics of the ribs? Chris
  7. LOL! yeah, about a thousand dollars seems like alot for a bbq grill. But, i'll tell you what,this thing cooks really well. My wife is asking"what are you making next?" Chris
  8. Looks good.... these kamados turn out some great food. Happy Griillin, Chris
  9. Thanks Len... I had those inside of the folder with the paperwork (mine was Costco DEMO).... thought he left pieces out. Chris
  10. Doug, glad your enjoying your new grill. I picked mine up about a week ago, and have enjoyed a few good cooks. Chris
  11. My side for the bbq with friends and family
  12. Looks awesome Dan.. I see your from Prunedale, drove through many times. I'm originally from Pacific Grove, and moved to the Bay Area almost 30 yrs ago. If you're ever around the San Jose area there's a Portuguese sausage place called Goulart's. Theyr'e on Saint John, it's excellent, been going there for years. My favorite is the homestyle linguica, which has wine and garlic with chunky meat.. Chris
  13. Nice! I was actually gonna order the Classic 1, but Ace changed price back to $999. So, I got the Roadshow Classic 2 with charcoal and a Wok for $969. I was kinda worried about moving it in the back of my pickup to home(8 miles), but I had no issues. Happy Cooking! Chris
  14. Thanks guys.. Can't wait for my next cook! Something for sure this weekend. Chris
  15. Did my first cook today! Got some pesto and spatchcocked a chicken, and cooked with some lemon. Came out great! Chris
  16. Very nice!!! Jose, did you make the mole? My mother in law makes for her tamales, and i'll have her make a little extra for me next time. thanks for the recipe Chris
  17. Thanks Len... Didn't get to do the steaks on the joe, but they got done on the weber. haha. Gonna head to the store and figure out something for tonight though. Chris
  18. Brandon, I was thinking the exact same thing. I think I'll have some kind of plastic cart I can wheel around, because it will be outside. The wife already says I have alot of cooking/bbq stuff in the kitchen!! HAHA. Chris
  19. I purchased my grill on sunday at the costco roadshow. I asked the rep about the firebox alignment issues. He said start with the one in back, and to use the clean out tool in the holes. I did this, and got it together in a few minutes. It looks like it's not set correctly, because the tiles aren't spaced correctly. But, it seems that the top ring is what's important, and not the gaps between tiles. Chris Classic Joe 2 Rec Tec 680 Weber Kettle
  20. Thanks Earl. I got it home sunday night, and gonna cook something tonight
  21. Teajunkie, great write up! Thanks for the link, gonna read up on burping the grill right now! haha Chris
  22. Teajunkie, thanks for your reply. Yep, can't wait to cook on my new grill. I picked up some of those Prime NY steaks at Costco on friday. Think I might be cooking em tonight. Chris
  23. Thanks Jack.. I'm excited to get cooking, like to hang out in the backyard as much as possible. Nothing better than BBQ and a crown and coke. HAHA!!!
  24. Nice backyard itskrod!!! Good to see someone who's not too far from me. Happy Grillin Chris
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