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  1. It was! Going to give another shot at one tonight. Going more simple with pepperoni and banana peppers, our personal favorite combo.
  2. I definitely lean towards the sweet but my wife loves the heat, so this was a good middle ground!
  3. Decided to fire up the KJ for my first pizza cook last night. We had a bad stretch of storms come through and were under a tornado watch...but I was hungry so we made it happen Made my own crust using John's recipe. Toppings consisted of sausage, banana peppers, spinach and a honey drizzle once I took it off the grill. Decided to label this one "Sweet Heat." Had some trouble getting the KJ up to 900 but seemed to work fine at 750. Overall, it was really good. Can't wait for our next pizza night!
  4. Didn't even think about that until you said something. Apparently I was too hungry to wait
  5. Welcome @SmokeyBloke! I hope those fires get better soon down under. Hope you and your family are out of harms way!
  6. @keeperovdeflame I'll give the mustard a shot next time! Thanks for the advice. @fbov Took me a sec to get your sarcasm on the 195 I've never done a sous vide before, but want to try one! @adam319 I really like the reverse sear method but I wonder if searing first would help. Appreciate the compliment. It was definitely tasty! @Smokingdadbbq Grill dome temp was a little over 400° when I seared. Steaks were on the lower cooking space on the Joe. I wonder if I should have gotten it hotter?
  7. Hey all. Cooked up my first tri-tip tonight on my Joe. Overall, it was really good. I made a rub with a combination of coffee, cocoa, and some smoked paprika. It ended up really tasty! One question I had was this: I didn't seem to get a good crusty bark on my steak. I cooked indirectly until about 130° then seared on direct heat for around 3 minutes on each side. The bark was a little more moist than I had anticipated. Any thoughts on how to get that good crust on the outside of your steaks?
  8. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I guess I was wondering what to do if I'm trying to reverse sear them. My buddy is going to let me borrow his grate expander so I'll have another level to put them on. Looks like I'm going to cook 12.
  9. Having some guys over on Sunday evening to hang out and I'm wanting to get them all steaks. Would prefer to do some kind of reverse sear. Since I won't be able to fit them all on the grill, I was thinking put them all in the oven to temp and then sear them. Anyone see a flaw in my plan? Any advice on grilling 10-12 steaks on a KJ Classic II?
  10. @len440 It was around 240º!
  11. A local grocery just got a loin of Wagyu Kobe Steak imported. Going for probably $50/lb. Would you do it?? Haha
  12. @lnarngr Thanks! I’ll admit, I cheated on the salad. Just a pre-made one from Trader Joe’s. It was really good though!
  13. @Kamado Tom Glad you caught the reference. Wilson and I just ended up hanging on the patio, haha
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