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  1. Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I guess I was wondering what to do if I'm trying to reverse sear them. My buddy is going to let me borrow his grate expander so I'll have another level to put them on. Looks like I'm going to cook 12.
  2. Having some guys over on Sunday evening to hang out and I'm wanting to get them all steaks. Would prefer to do some kind of reverse sear. Since I won't be able to fit them all on the grill, I was thinking put them all in the oven to temp and then sear them. Anyone see a flaw in my plan? Any advice on grilling 10-12 steaks on a KJ Classic II?
  3. @len440 It was around 240º!
  4. A local grocery just got a loin of Wagyu Kobe Steak imported. Going for probably $50/lb. Would you do it?? Haha
  5. @lnarngr Thanks! I’ll admit, I cheated on the salad. Just a pre-made one from Trader Joe’s. It was really good though!
  6. @Kamado Tom Glad you caught the reference. Wilson and I just ended up hanging on the patio, haha
  7. Fired up the KJ for some NY Strip Steaks last night. I'd have to say...best steak I've had, hands down. Got the steaks from a Stripling's General Store here in town. Seasoned with some Lane's BBQ Brisket rub. Put a block of Hickory in the fire. 1. Got the grill up to around 300º while seasoning. 2. First time using my ThermoPro wireless thermometer. It definitely gave me the flexibility of hanging out inside while getting up to temp! 3. Got the steaks to 125º and pulled them off and tented with aluminum foil. 4. Opened up the vents and aimed to get to 550-600º for the sear. 5. "I have made fire!" 6. Looking tasty! It smelled so good. 7. Plated with some spinach salad and a twice baked potato from Striplings. 8. Look at that color! I'd have to say...this is my fourth cook on my KJ since buying it for Father's Day and everything I make on it is amazing. My wife looked at my across the table while eating and said, "I see why you wanted to spend so much money on a grill. This is delicious!" If only she would have that logic when I try to convince her I want to buy a truck...haha
  8. I got this cover for mine: Classic Accessories Ravenna Cover... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R4J5APU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Not a bad investment for $25 to cover your Joe. I was impressed with the quality of this cover.
  9. Nevermind! Appears those blinking lights indicate when you are getting to your temp.
  10. Anyone with the ThermoPro TP-07 Wireless know why the receiver continues to blink while I'm grilling? Also, just went from blue to green. Is this normal? Didn't see anything in the manual.
  11. @KamadoChris That cast iron recipe sounds phenomenal...
  12. Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking venison steaks or ground venison? Have some meat that I want to cook soon. I've also got some sausage, but I typically cook that on a cast iron skillet on the stovetop.
  13. Fired up the Kamado Joe today for some baby back ribs. Followed the video @John Setzler posted on YouTube. My rack ended up being a little smaller than the one in the video so I never quite got the bend test, but these were definitely some of the best ribs I have ever had. Pics below! Baby Back Ribs Rub: A custom one made by Lanes BBQ (a local BBQ place located in Bethlehem, GA). On Father's Day our church gave out a custom rub Lane's made to all the dads. It was great!! Sauce: Sweet Baby Ray's diluted with some apple juice Cook time: 5ish hours Smoked with some cherry blocks 1. Put them on the grill around 12:30PM 2. ~2 hours into cook 3. Profile shot (~3 hours) 4. Gettin' saucy (~4 hours) 5. Nice color and glaze. This was right before I took them off. 6. Plated w/ roasted broccoli and cauliflower plus roll 7. Yessir! 8. Fall off the bone! 9. Gotta shoutout to one of my favorite breweries and they are located 5 min away: Terrapin Beer! Really enjoyed this cook today. Excited to take the leftovers and make a hash with them in the morning!
  14. Had my first cook on my new Kamado Joe last night. It turned out amazing and I can't wait for the next one! Dinner: Spatchcock chicken w/ potatoes and onions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIvIYMsGR7s&t=55s) Dessert: Drunken Peaches w/ vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar Eggos (anyone else a Stranger Things fan??) Here are some pics! Patio setup: After: Plated: Peaches grilling: Great way to end a meal: Appreciate everyone's advice and this forum + YouTube really helped make my first cook a lot easier than I had originally anticipated. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
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