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  1. Just as soon as I put the 2 pork butts on the grill, here comes the clouds and thunder. I think we'll be okay though.
  2. Found baby back ribs at Kroger for $1.17/lb and loaded up on them. We forgot about doing the chicken and hamburgers and went with these. Still doing the pork butts tomorrow.
  3. It took a long time for it to mature. After the fire matured, the smoke did settle down, but it continued just as if I was using wood chunks.
  4. Yesterday I picked up a bag of KJ Big Block from Lowe's hoping the larger pieces would resolve my overnight cook issue. Filled the bottom of the basket with fist sized pieces of lump then placed smaller BB pieces on top. Lit the grill about 7:30 pm and had it stable at 256 a little after 10 pm. The temp was very stable, a good sign. At 2:30 am, the low limit alarm on my Smoke woke me stating I was falling below 225. At 8 AM when I went out to look, the temp was 120. The fire was still lit under the ash. I was able to restart the fire with the hot coals. I am seriously frustrated! I tuned the vents for a strong draft, top vent 40% open, bottom vent, 3 columns of holes open. I did read that when using big pieces, the space between the lump could prohibit the spread of the fire. I am going to add some smaller pieces and chips from a quick lighting brand on top and in between of the KJ BB and try again, being careful not to restrict the air flow. Hopefully this will work. Am I the only one having this kind of issue??? Basket loaded with large and medium lump pieces. Temperature stabilized. Burned lump - extinguished overnight Thick, fluffy white ash on burned lump. Fire still present under some of the ash.
  5. On the 4th, it will be quick grill items, hamburgers, brats and chicken breasts. On the 5th, it will be two low and slow pork butts.
  6. The charcoal is an easy fix. I was of the opinion that it did not matter which charcoal I used or that big pieces would make a difference. Most of the lump I buy is the R.O from Walmart or HD. I recently purchased some European beechwood lump thinking that it may perform better; same results, but the piece sizes were no different than the R.O. I'll try the Big Block. That along with the stronger draft may give me the results I need. I'll report how this turns out. Thanks.
  7. Lakorai, I agree, a controller would easily solve this problem. I manage a line of high end industrial temperature controllers in my professional life so I can get the very best control hardware. The fun of this is to to learn the dynamics of the kamado and control the pit without automation. Once I'm proficient in manual control, I may think about trying the temp controller.
  8. Thanks for the tips. I recently ran my kamado based on your suggestions. I tuned the vents for a stronger draft, the top vent about 50% open and the bottom just cracked. I got it stable at 240 around 10pm and went to bed. During the night, the temp floated up to 300 around 2am. By 8 am, it had come back down to 200 and was falling. This was better than I had previously experienced. The fire was still lit but surrounded by ash. I am going to try this method again working with a less of a draft, hopefully this will keep the temp from rising so high. I'll let you know the results.
  9. I recently picked up 3 boxes of Forest Lumps charcoal at a KCBS event here in town and the vendor told me that this was a great Beechwood charcoal from Europe. It rated highly recommended on the Naked Wiz site. It lit very fast and seemed to burn well, but it produced a lot of smoke. This is the first charcoal that I have purchased that was not from either Walmart or HD and am not sure why or if this product is better. Has anyone tried this lump?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion SmallBBQr, I'll try anything. After my test on Sunday, the grill was cold by morning... I don't understand. This is how I found the grill after it cooled off. Top vent Lower Vent Remaining charcoal Ash remaining after shaking basket.
  11. The vent is set at a sliver. It was tough to get a good picture while trying to blow away the smoke. The opening is about the thickness of a pencil lead. I filled the firebox to the top of the charcoal basket; larger pieces at the bottom, using R.O. Lit the charcoal with a Weber cube, set it in a depression on the top. I experimented with it for hours, starting about noon then smoked some chicken for dinner. After dinner, stabilized the grill at 250 and went to bed about 10:00. I checked the remote throughout the night and the temp started to fall a couple hours later. By 6 AM the grill was about 120. I had about 25% of the lump left. The ash tray was filled, but it did not seem completely to block air flow. I cleaned the grill, loaded the basket started again at 8 AM to get a stable temp. I find the temp is either falling too low or rising too high. I stabilized at 240 @ 4:00 PM. Now at 10:30 PM it has risen to 300. I suspect that the fire will not snuff out; it usually runs OK over 300. Do you think that the void between the housing and the firebox is affecting the stability?
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I'm glad to be here. I have been looking around and have found lots of good information that may help me.
  13. Hello Guru's I have just joined this board and hope there is someone that can help me. I am using a Vision Classic B from Sam's and I love it; it has exceeded my expectations for food quality. I am, however, having some trouble keeping the temperature stable during long overnight cooks. The temperature rising is not such a problem as it rises temporarily and then drifts back down. It also does not go that high as I have the intake well limited. The trouble is when the temp falls and does not recover. I can set it for 250 and it holds for a few hours, then it begins to drop. I typically adjust the intake and chimney, open the lid for a few minutes, then the temp rises and appears stable for an hour or so then begins to drop again. I have researched several things and tried to correct some of my mistakes. 1. Ash build up - I clean before every cook now. 2. Intake and chimney settings - I set the intake for a low temp cook and then open just a little but more to ensure enough air flow for combustion. I then control the temp with the chimney vent, it is pretty much closed at that point. 3. Charcoal grate - I removed the charcoal grate and replaced it with a Kick Ash Basket to ensure there was nothing to impede the air flow. 4. Crept up to temperature - Wanted to make sure too many coals were not lit, and they start smoldering. 5. Overshot temperature - Overshot the temperature by 50 deg and let it settle down to the correct temperature. 6. Checked for leaks - It appears that there are no leaks. The gasket seems tight and no smoke is escaping from it. I have not out ruled that this grill may not be capable of stable temperature for that long. I would appreciate any insight anyone would have. I have begun to cook my butts and brisket hot and fast to make sure they are done before bedtime. The results are good, but I would prefer the overnight cooks. Thanks for your help.
  14. I had the same issue with my Vision B and had to open the the ash tray to get the necessary air flow. Without doing this, I could only get to about 400F. This was OK as most of my cooks are low temp. I recently got a Kick Ash Basket and this helped a lot. I was able to get to 600F+ with the ash door inserted. The KAB allows for air to flow through the bottom of the charcoal pile without clogging the grate. Air can also access all around the charcoal where it is normally up against the firebox. KAB makes a basket for your model.
  15. Hello All, My name is Clayton and I found this forum in an attempt to get better control of my vision grill. I have cooked on several grill types, Kenmore gas, Weber kettles, Brinkman bullet and I purchased a Vision Classic B kamado from Sam's last summer. The Vision has has allowed me to significantly improve my cooks; the smoke flavor, the juiciness are off the scale and I my family loves it. This along with the Thermoworks thermometers has been great. I enjoy cooking poultry, ribs, pork butt, brisket & steaks. The reason I am here is that I have not been able to do a good overnight smoke at low temperatures without maintenance. I will discuss this in another post since this area is for introductions. I look forward to exchanging ideas.
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