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  1. I use a wired probe with no troubles. If concerned about the gasket it can be freshened up by pinching it side to side all the way around. That seems to puff it up. Works on my Akorn.
  2. I used a hammer. The big lumps broke up cleanly without making much in the way of dust or small bits and pieces.
  3. Trying KJ Big Block for the first time. The first piece out of the bag was the size of a soccer ball. I broke this down to a few chunks fist-size or a bit bigger. There are other chunks close to that size. My Q: is do you use these full size or break them down a bit? If used full size are there any tips for use? TIA
  4. Sugar is used to compliment and modify salt or spices. The flavor of any single rub or sauce component all by itself can be harsh or sugary overpowering. Imagine Chinese sweet and sour sauce without the sweet or without the sour. Inedible. With heat there is caramelization which changes the flavor somewhat and another reaction [whose name I forget] that combines sugars with amino acids from the meat to add yet another layer of flavor. I'm not a big user of rubs. Prefer it basic, lightly salted and peppered in moderate doses.
  5. Does kiln dried hardwood work the same as the air dried chunks we buy by the bag? I have scrap lumber in my shop -mainly cherry and maple- and am tempted to use pieces of this for smoking. Kiln drying does change some of the properties of lumber so I wonder if the smoke created is adversely affected.
  6. I use three. For quick and simple, I use propane For steaks I prefer my kettle & charcoal briquets For low and slow and most bigger things its the kamado. I've never done pizza and the like on it [yet?] When it came to a go or no-go on buying a kamado I wasn't sure I'd like it and an expensive big name version seemed like a costly experiment. Along came the Akorn. At only $300 or so I tried it. So far I love it and see no reason to get anything "better". It may not last as long as some others but I figure I can replace it many times [every 7 or 8 years -?- if left in weather, estimates vary a lot] if it rusts out for the same cost as one of the better known brands. We don't get enough rain to rust anything so it is likely to last longer. Learning how to regulate temps doesn't take long. Fuel use is ridiculously minimal. A full load of lump is less than half a bag and I can get maybe a half dozen rib cooks from that.
  7. BINGO! It was the size of the banner ads that caught my attention. Having failed to change anything by elongating the image I played with the magnify/minify keys on my keyboard [F14 and F15]. Hitting the minus button several times the sidebar appeared. I also no longer see any banner ads on top. How it got to be magnified is a mystery because I literally never use those buttons. Success.
  8. Using Safari. I've widened the page as far as I can and nothing changes. 'Theme' settings don't change anything. A recent change in the site is the commercial banners at the top of the page. They are now over a foot tall on my screen. Related? This may be more trouble than its worth.
  9. Computer. I use a Mac. No mobile devices. Could there have been some tweak to the interface that keeps me from seeing it on a Mac?
  10. Not on my screen. I have done nothing to my computer or to the site. WTF? How do I get it back?
  11. What happened to the sidebar with the newest posts? This was a useful way to see what was active and frequently led to an informative topic that I wouldn't ordinarily search for.
  12. Get another Akorn Jr and use the $600 saved to make your butcher happy as well.
  13. My kids called the egg/bread combo 'pirate's eye'. I still make 'em occasionally.
  14. This is not the time for this brand of politics.
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