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  1. Great selection of meals so far! I started the four-day fest with peruvian chicken quarters tonight, baby back ribs tomorrow and a long slow smoke on a pork butt saturday. I forgot to take a pic on the grill so only the leftovers to show...
  2. Welcome! Enjoy the learning and the great food!
  3. Welcome levic900rr, I am new as well. I read through all the mods for akorns and did the nomex gaskets everywhere, made a wine bottle air plate and rtv for the ashpan lip/outside joint. On my first cook after those additions once at temp it held 210-220 for 5 hours without adjusting anything. Some of those might help, good luck. Brent
  4. Hello all, Brent here from northern Indiana and proud owner of a new Akorn thanks to my lovely family on fathers day. I spent a week reading everything I could on this sight after firing up my Akorn like a normal grill and almost ruining a batch of NY strips that first day. I then modded it with extra gaskets, wine bottle air intake plate and high temp rtv on the ash pan. The second run, Sunday, was st. Louis ribs, 3 hours of smoke, 1 hour of foil wrap and a final 30 minutes to set the sauce/glaze...absolutely the best ribs I have ever made! Temp held at 210 for the entire cook without touching vent positions once I got to temp. Thanks to everyone I read on this site for everything I learned in the last week. I look forward to learning more and lots of great eating, may have to work up a new exercise program too. Thanks for a great site and all the help you guys have available. Brent
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