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  1. Thanks Chris, John, My initial reaction was mold given it developed over the winter but then I was worried about the teflon.
  2. Sorry @JohnLittle, didn't have notifications turned on. thanks for the reply. Rust is suprising but it is like a powder. I might contact KJ and see what they say.
  3. Hi All, I didn't get to use my big joe over the winter (uk) and the sloroller was stored on the cart the whole time. it's ended up being covered in an white substance (photos attached) which I've tried to clean off without any luck. Any idea what it is and if it safe to do a cook in the morning with it? Thanks James
  4. James.


    Ok so quick update, the website offer on the KJ was expiring so I put a placeholder order in on Sunday, payment to be completed over the phone. Still wasn't sure about doing it but they were happy for me to think about it for a few days. Come this morning and I get a phone call from a delivery driver, asking where my house is! So in the end I joined the Big Joe III club
  5. Thanks in advance for any comments
  6. James.


    Quick update, decided I'm going for something bigger that the 18" grates. So that left it between. - Wild goose 24 (£889) - Louisiana Grill 24" (CostCo so lifetime warranty) £599 online or £455 instore - KJ Big Joe II £1700 ruling out the Wild Goose on the basis of one year warranty and it being based on the original BJ so there a risk of it slamming shut. Placed an order for a BJ last night but I've woken up questioning it. Can it really be with 3x a LG/ while I'm spending silly money should I have spent an 300 for the BJ III?
  7. Hi, placed an order for a Big Joe II last night but now I'm wondering if I should have spent the extra £300 on the III. Is it worth the upgrade?
  8. James.


    It turns out the Goose 24 is the same size as the Big Joe! £899 but only one year warranty . Not a problem @JeffieBoy, you may have pointed in the direction of a lead option. I live on the Wirral (near Liverpool). Thanks @PeteHr, I did look at the Monolith they look good but seemed a bit much.
  9. James.


    Oh @JeffieBoy, you've really confused things now... I hadn't realised the goose was an 18" grate aka same size as the KJ Classic. They seem to imply their 24 is the same size as a Big Joe too, they sell the griddle, however their measurements 60 external would imply different
  10. James.


    Hi @BeefyB, I'm torn between the Joe Classic and the Louisiana Grill from CostCo. Here's my thread https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/42704-kamado-joe-classic-vs-pit-bosslouisiana-grills/ It's quite close with the extra discount at greenhousepeople. Thanks @JeffieBoy, I'll have a good read of that thread. I came across the Goose when the Aldi Kamado came out but I was worried about the limited guarantee.
  11. They include a gbe style plate setter for the price. I'm only including the additional multi level so it's a fair comparison plus for direct grilling the grate becomes level with the rim.
  12. Thanks Jack, There does seem to be a lot of happy people out there but still, the KJ gets rated the best. Having said that, I'm looking at the original not a more recent version
  13. James.


    Hi, Short term lurker from the UK, looking to start my kamado journey. There seems to be wealth of experience on here so looking forward to getting involved. Starting off with a question on what to buy. Hopefully the mods will approve it soon.
  14. Hi All, Firstly, not sure this is the right place but given it's about two brands, it didn't make sense to post in either the Kamado Joe or Pit Boss sections. I know there have been similar discussions before but not at this price point as far as I can see. Until this morning, I had pretty much decided to go with the Louisiana Grill (price and size) but then I noticed a further 10% discount on the KJs. Usage - Direct (replacing a weber 57cm kettle) and low and slow cooking In short, is it worth me spending the extra money for a KJ and why? 1. Louisiana Grills 24" (Costco UK) + Accessories - £738.89 2. Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18", Red £809.10 3. Kamado Joe Classic II 18-Inch Freestanding Ceramic Grill - £1,169.10 1. Louisiana Grills 24" (Costco UK) + Accessories - £738.89 Louisiana Grills 24" (60 cm) Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Barbecue - Black (CostCo) £599.89 Nova - Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill for 24 Inch £129.00 Nova - Barbecue Grill Remover Tool £10 Pros: - Largest (21.5 vs 18 grate) - Costco (UK) guarantee - Phone confirmed they will collect if it ever fails/I'm unhappy Cons: - Made by Auplex - Harder to find accessories in the UK (although not sure what else I'd need) 2. Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18", Red £809.10 pros: - Made by KJ - KJ customer service Cons: - Old design vs the Classic II 3. Kamado Joe Classic II 18-Inch Freestanding Ceramic Grill £1,169.10 pros: - New design - Made by KJ - KJ customer service Cons: - Most expensive / probably out of my budget(!) Thanks for reading and I'll really appreciate all your comments on this.
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