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  1. Thanks for that! Great instructions for a newbie... Here's a question for ya, I assume it would be ok if I installed a new gasket on the older base and it wouldn't have a problem "pairing" with the brand new stock gasket that should be on the new lid?? I would assume they don't NEED to match but maybe that's a bad assumption?
  2. Hi guys, just wanted to follow up on this post with an update! Huge shout out to pitboss customer service on this one! They are going to send me a new lid, charcoal plate, heat shield all under a warranty claim! Super excited to get it installed and start learning new techniques. Now will just need to figure out how to install it straight so it lines up right with the latch\spring, and look at getting that heat gasket replaced at the same time because it does look rough...
  3. Bummer! Thanks anyway! Assuming you're a dealer of sorts, how much would you have charged for it?
  4. Thanks for this! Based on the look of mine I think I'd need a new one too...
  5. Oh wow perfect! Didn't find this in my searches. Now I'll just have to figure out where to order it, and if there's any way to get it closer to dealer cost. Also need to take the broken lid out of the trash tonight and get the black vent cover off the top since it looks like it might not come with it... Thanks much!
  6. Great to know! Step one is still praying to the lord they will only charge me about 200 or less to replace the cover, then I'll go from there! Hoping I hear back in the next day or so, and I'm not back to the drawing board...
  7. Yeah I'm sure there's nothing warranty covered here, so just at their mercy! I took some pics I thought I would post of what's left... Anyone familiar with these see anything that would indicate just getting a new cover wouldn't be worth it??
  8. Thanks guys! I did email them last night actually and since their auto-reply indicated a 5-7 business day response time right now, I thought I would see if anyone on here had dealt with the same thing on their BGE or otherwise too... Fingers crossed they are merciful in their response and I'm not immediately out of the game before it began! Haha
  9. Hi everyone! This is a very tough first post to write on a forum I am new to! I bought a 24" ceramic from someone on Craigslist tonight, got it on the truck and strapped in just fine, got home and asked a neighbor to help me unload it... Dropped it on its top and broke the whole top lid! My fault, I feel like a moron, totally my fault. Am I totally screwed here and back to the drawing board? Or is there such thing as a complete replacement top? The bottom seems fine, no cracks, the metal ring around the lid also fine. I only paid 200 for it used, but I'm guessing it will be at least that to get a new one? And thoughts or suggestions welcome here! FML...
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