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  1. What is interesting about Ceramic cookers is the the same vent settings that can sustain 225 deg for 12 hours can also sustain 325 deg for 10 hours. Once the temp gets to the higher temp and the cooker is heated up, it will just run at the higher temperature with the same setting. I suspect this is a combination of a hotter ceramic walls and a larger fire. To get back to the lower temp I find I have to use a smaller vent setting that what was previously stable. For me I just have to ensure my temps don't get above target. I do this by closing the bottom vent when I open the lid, and by opening it as seldom as possible and for short duration.
  2. This recipe really is almost fail proof. Works better in a Kamado than an oven. https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/no-fail-roast-chicken-with-lemon-and-garlic
  3. These guys have a shop a couple miles from me and It is fantastic. Cold pressed with variety. https://www.temeculaoliveoil.com/catalog/product/view/id/136/s/citrus-reserve-olive-oil-late-harvest-made-with-fresh-blood-oranges-642/
  4. I'm not sure a drop in ambient temp would cause the TTT to fail. It is adjusting to hot flowing air from the cooker. A drop in ambient temp would cause the TTT coil to cool and it would therefore open slightly until the coil got back to temp. The air entering the cooker in the bottom vent will be cooler but also higher density and oxygen, and the TTT will adjust to compensate and maintain a constant temp. One recommendation that has been discussed before that might be especially important for the Acorn is to close the bottom vent completely before you open the lid, and then return it to original position when you close the lid. This will reduce the big temp swing although not eliminate it. The TTT should keep it within 5-10 deg.
  5. The main reason for me for is overnight cook early morning ambient temp drop. I have had more than one fire drop below 180 on its way to completely snuffed by 7:30 am. They are also great for starting the fire - set it and forget it. Otherwise you are constantly distracted while doing food prep going out to make sure it is on track. Necessary - no. You can beat the ambient temp drop by running the cook a little hotter. In general cooks have gotten hotter anyway. 20 years ago it was all about 200 deg pork butts for 36 hours. Now for many, low and slow is 225-275 for 12-18 hours. Much easier to fight the morning dew drop from 250 than from 200.
  6. I used to have a plate setter, and I have used a pizza stone with a multi-level rack and a round sheet pan. All worked but suffered the challenge of being far from the coals with a gap that lets too much heat bleed around the deflector yielding burnt pieces that lay beyond the edge of the stone. I have a spare Le Creuset lid that is now my go to for all cooks. I cover it in aluminum foil and lay it directly on top of the coals. Because it is so close to the bottom there really is not a huge gap and by the time the heat does get to the grill level it dissipates more than a heat deflector high up in the cooker. As the coals burn the weight of the cast iron lid drops even lower. I have done 8+ cooks now with a couple overnight and it maintains temp as well as other deflectors I have used. This also frees up a level on my rack system for another grill. The fact that it is a dome shaped lid helps drippings flow off. I just put on some John Setzler smoked tomato sauce and a chuck roast. When the roast hits 160 it will go in the pot to finish.
  7. Ye old am ambient temp drop. I see it dropped to 30 deg in New Jersey last night or probably around 3:30 - 4:00 am. Unfortunately the vent settings that kept the Joe at 230 deg at 8:00 pm were insufficient to maintain it when the ambient temp dropped. A Tip Top Temp or electronic controller will solve this problem.
  8. If your temps are creeping up start closing the vents. No reason not to. My Tip Top Temp does this for me as do electronic temp controllers. Of course if the temp starts getting too low open the vents. Just make slight adjustments and wait 15 minutes to establish stability.
  9. Hi and welcome Bruce. I can attest to excellent customer service communication from TTT. Mine works flawlessly even when the ambient temp drops in the morning; although I do live in San Diego so I'm sure many of you laugh at my perception of ambient temp drop:)
  10. The only thing that belongs under is another of the same or a pot of beans:) Simply use both cookers.
  11. That's why it is a good idea to have your cooker listed in your profile.
  12. Fantastic cook! Great description and pictures. Definitely on my upcoming list of cooks.
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