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  1. The longer you take the better the result. As the meat fibers thaw you want them to absorb moisture not pour it out in a puddle in the bag. As said above don't get above 40 deg. 38-39F is optimal.
  2. Looks fantastic. Please share more of the recipe and process. This might be the thread you were looking for. https://www.kamadoguru.com/forum/58-indoor-and-non-grill-cooking/
  3. This is the best scope setup video I have seen. You might find your answer here.
  4. I would focus less on brand on more on getting the best steel and grind. Handmade Japanese knives with superior steel can be had for much less money that Dalstrong. And don't buy a set of anything. Start with a Gyuto and then add what you need. Here is an example of Hitachi White steel which is easy to sharpen and takes the finest edge. I would rather have one great White Steel Gyuto than 10 Aus 10 or VG10 knives. https://www.chefknivestogo.com/yawh1gy24.html And don't even think about a pull through sharpener. A single 1000 grit stone can serve most of your needs. You can add a finer stone later as your skills increase.
  5. First, don't buy a set of anything. Sets are for wedding gifts and just waste space. Buy the best tool for the given task. That will rarely or never be a part of a set. This includes pots and pans as well as knives. Pick a task and select the best you can afford for that task. You will find you need less pots and pans than you originally thought. What are you actually doing? Frying eggs, searing meat, boiling water, braising meat, cooking sauces. Pick the very best tool for each task and figure out which can do double task. You will end up with fewer fantastic tools that beckon you to the kitchen. For me that is a mix of enamel, ceramic, copper and stainless steel.
  6. You would be amazed at what a soaking in automatic dishwasher soap will do. Whenever I have burned pans I overnight them in this mix and the next morning it is a simple rinse.
  7. On the recent Akorn cooker thread a couple folks mentioned that they were bored with the set it and forget it nature of electric smokers. I was a little surprised with the concept that a Kamado is not the same. Today I put on 3 racks of baby backs at 11:00. I set my Tip Top Temp @200 and went to a movie and then to the fishing pond for a couple hours I came back at 5:00 the temp was @ 205. I hit em with BBQ sauce, wrapped em in foil and shut down the vents. There they sit until we finish taking down the Xmas decorations. In 6 hours I only touched the cooker twice. Would the ribs have benefited from a spritz of water every hour? Sure but I think they will be fine:)
  8. If you do overshoot, burping the lid will not cool it down, this will only add more oxygen. You need to minimize oxygen, so keep the lid closed. Put a large pot of cold water on the grate and close the lid. This will soak up excess heat. Once the temp drops to the target temp you can pull the pot and replace with the protein. This challenge has happened to most of us and you will soon have it figured out.
  9. So you bought your great grandchildren a Kamado:) Congrats and welcome!
  10. It is a nice video. The good news is both of them and most others will cook a brisket, chicken, ribs, butts and more. The deltas are small and most issues can be mitigated with minimal effort. I abandoned the plate setter on my BGE for a hanging pizza stone that solved the gap issue. Now I just cook. I could hand most photographers a Hasselbad and give Annie Leibovitz a point and shoot and she will produce the better portrait. I'm sure the same could be said about Harry Soo and a brisket.
  11. I tried soaking in automatic dishwashing soap and it ate the finish and lost the number settings. Too harsh.
  12. Just made a batch for the LSU/OU game. I made two adjustments. I started with the butter and flour and made a roux. Then I followed the rest of the steps. I used a whole roast chicken instead of breasts which you mentioned as an option. Can't wait for the first bowl at half time. Geaux Tigers!!! In a recent potential OU tragedy: An OU football player was almost killed in a tragic horseback riding accident. He fell beneath the horse and was nearly trampled. Luckily, the manager of the K-Mart came out and unplugged it just in time.
  13. The benefit of the heat deflector as long as it is flat or convex so the fat drips off - or going direct is that the drippings are small amounts over a large period of time and big grease fires are avoided. I made just that mistake yesterday cooking burnt ends. One of my heat deflectors has a small lip that caught the grease and it caught fire. After closing it down and killing the fire I eliminated the deflector and had no more problems. I just had to make sure the fire didn't get too hot. You can also put something in the middle of your deflector and cover with foil creating a cone effect which allows the grease to slide right off.
  14. I know, not a Kamado video; but we have discussed reverse searing and the Maillard reaction and this takes it to 11. I just gifted a Snake River Farms Brisket and was searching through videos to send to the recipient and came across this. I thought everyone would enjoy. Have you seen the Snake River - Chef's Gold. https://www.snakeriverfarms.com/chefs-gold.html An easy option for what he is doing in the video. For anyone who has not tried SRF the sirloin is a fantastic and affordable option. Add Chef's Gold and you are up for a fun adventure.
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