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  1. I was thinking the proximity of the coals to the deflector plate could overheat the deflector.
  2. Just had a quick look, where the top lid makes contact is around 21 inches in diameter. The bottom edge to edge is about 21 inches with a lip that extends into the kamado that is about 19 inches. First image is the top down and the second two are the DoJoe upside down. Hope that helps.
  3. I was thinking maybe I overfilled the firebox. I tried to follow the instructions but next time I will try less charcoal.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will experiment a bit more. I did try making some Montreal style bagels and the bottoms browned before the tops. I used an infrared thermometer to measure the temp of the stone. I had the stone around 450 F and the dome read around 350. If I remember correctly. I had to flip them half way to get an even cook. I was using a dough recipe designed for a conventional oven. Gotta say though, you are a big influence in me getting a Kamado grill. Love the videos and thanks again for the help.
  5. I was thinking that the gap could be letting heat escape and that may be the cause of my pizza not cooking evenly? The dome not retaining heat. I may need to experiment a bit more.
  6. Picked up a DoJoe recently and my first cook had issues. It didn't seal properly. Is there something I'm doing wrong or do I need to buy a new gasket? I have not had sealing issues when I'm using it without the accessory. The bottom of the pizza cooked faster than the top (I used the recipe that came with the DoJoe) Thanks in advance for the help!
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