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  1. Hmm I’ve always kept them closed. I’ll give it a try. The logic being it seals the grill keeping damp out. My thing is I did the same last year and had no issue with damp, this year it’s been ridiculous, every cook as the fire gets going it’s like it’s soaked inside, water starts lining the walls.
  2. Will do! i have another question to any longer time owners of this grill. Mines only a year old but I am having bad issues with damp inside the grill. It’s left covered with the vents closed. Yet I can go in after it’s been sat and it’s damp. Even after longer cooks at high temperature there can still be moisture forming on the inside. I do leave coal in there as well which also gets damp. I’ve put moisture absorbers inside and they do gather a lot of water inside, but they don’t solve the issue. is this normal? Will they all do that? Or is there a fault with my cover? The outsid
  3. Yeah I still am and I’ve had it a year! You’ll always be learning. It does, after doing a pizza cook and closing all the vents it takes like hours to cool down just the residual heat. I’m definitely going to invest in an ask basket for mine soon, don’t know what else after that but I do want an ash basket
  4. Would you say it’s worth it? I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-Ing about it and I don’t know if it’s really worth having. I modded mine by cutting the hinge on the upper level grill so I could use one and a half levels. Stock because it folds you can only use one or the other, now I can use one, both or one and a half. I do want to get a cooking plate for it. Do you have a link to the one you got?
  5. Looks awesome! Seems you have the newer version than mine that I saw in store earlier this year. Has the latest Kamado joe upgrades with the new gasket and new air lift style hinge bit jealous! Haha how are you getting on?
  6. Hello! I hadn’t been on in a while no! awesome! Yes it’s still going great, many successful cooks. Smoking slow cooks, bbq’s and prob my favourite discovery is pizzas you must have yours by now, how are you getting on?
  7. That explains it! Most places did seem to say it needs to be up at that temperature, but some didn’t so inexperience and impatience made me take it off then. I will try get a feel for the tenderness with the probe next time as well. Thats where I’m sourcing most of my basic use of the grill knowledge, I don’t know anyone personally who has one of these or cooks this way so it’s google YouTube and trial and error I’m riding off it could well be I will be sure to try again soon and post my results. I’m desperate to get the flavour and tenderness I’m imagining in my mind
  8. Did you go for the YNNI divide and conquer? Ive done 3 cooks now. The second was high temp searing some burgers, and one of the Costco 1/4lb hot dogs. Burgers I burned... lack of experience and a temp probe there, the dog and Halloumi fries were incredible. Today I tried my first brisket slow cook. Just over half a kilo for two of us. Got a very nice flavour but it was tough. Not dry but tough. Pulled it off at a probed 67C after it plateaued there. Wrapped it with some BBQ sauce then it went back on and it rose to about 77. I tried tips from multiple dif
  9. Thank you, I did start to assume I’d need to do that so thanks for clarifying. Then anything unburned you just use next time
  10. Keeperovdeflame, thanks for the advice that certainly does make it seem like a better option. I was also thinking of ordering more since he said it was that price due to being over a certain size so I should be able to order a couple more bits and keep the same postage. Well that was for the woo ring not the whole spider combo. He did say he’d be very surprised if the stones survive the journey though that’s the problem :/ So, today I did my run in burn and then my first cook this evening. Think I under fuelled it, only did some chicken thighs, beef shish kebabs and chorizo as it w
  11. Thanks Jack! Will do. I’ve ordered the gasket for the mods that everyone recommends. Ceramicgrillstore got back to me, they will ship but it’s $67 US.... it’s only like a $30 item! Maybe I can cram more in the box, or try and get something fabricated locally, it isn’t the most complex of shapes. Can anyone aid in that in pictures or something of how it should sit, from that I can give a design/measurements to a local metal company. I know the LG/PB is called a 24 but that’s outer rather than inner so it’s more like a 22, the 20 is 2 inches too small, o
  12. Quick note/addition, I see ceramicgrillstore doesn’t ship to the UK in order to get the woo ring... I’ve emailed them asking but if anyone has help that would be great!
  13. Hi all! So, my first post on here as a proud owner of my first grill in general let alone Kamado since moving into my first home here in the south of England. I had an interest in a Kamado for a while and after seeing this one in Costco UK I decided to go for it. I spent time carefully reading through the pitboss review pinned as I assume this is the same grill? Hence why I’ve posted it in this section as there isn’t an LG section. My question is the mods suggested in that thread for the extra felt at the bottom and top, mine appears to have a vented sliding cover as well
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