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  1. Hello All. I'm a newbie here, but I just have 3 words......COSTCO PRIME. If you have a Costco anywhere close it's worth the trip. I've made Costco Prime Rib Eye....I can't eat Rib Eye in a restaurant anymore. You absolutely cannot beat the quality or flavor or PRICE. They have New York strip and other cuts. The cryopaks are an especially good value. Just try it once!
  2. Hey Guys, Thank you for all of the super info. I'm starting to get a little more advanced with my Vision B. I see the inserts you guys are using....but unfortunately there are a lot of acronyms. Can you help a newbie out....I want to do the indirect cooking and I ve seen a couple of rack systems that looked like they would give a lot of versatility. Recommendations? What do these mean: Aura Pro-Zone KJ D&C CGS AR Thank you in advance Mofo
  3. Thanks for the info. I was curious if you can control the smoke level on the meat by the vents or by the amount of "smoke wood" you add to the fire
  4. I'm getting it dialed in.....I'm becoming very popular with friends and neighbors (if you know what I mean)! Temperature control is my focus right now. Thanks
  5. Hello All!!! Getting my Kamodo dialed in. Thought I had a gasket issue, but Brian at Hi-Que gave me lots of knowledge about fire control on my grill. Any tips on controlling the level of smoke applied to the cook would be appreciate by this rookie!
  6. Hello All!!! Grilling spatchcock chicken with John Henry's Texas Chicken Tickler!!!!
  7. so which vent controls the amount of "smoke" your meat is subjected to? Or am I asking the wrong question?
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