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  1. In response to the questions and concerns in previous posts, I did have the deflector in place, did not use a drip pan, but wish I did, skin could have been crisper, did not brine the bird, and as to the temp rising, that was by intent. I was following a recipe posted on YouTube where the poster indicated this was his method to crisp up the skin. I will say that temp control is at this stage of my experience pretty dicey, and like you say, once it gets too hot it is a b**tch to bring down. Frankb
  2. Howdy everyone, just did a spatchcock chicken on my Akorn. Nothing fancy, put some lemon rings under the skin,brushed it with some ghee, and liberal salt and pepper, and mikes spice rub. Put in on when grill temp was about 240. The temp slowly rose to about 360 over 2 and 1/2 hrs. Didn’t get in a twist about temp climbing. Removed bird when internal temp was 180 and skin was nice and golden brown. Succulent and juicy and done. Cooked some corn on the cob and asparagus on upper rack during the last 45 minutes or so. I give my self a B. There is certainly room for improvement, but for a first attempt I am satisfied. FrankB
  3. @Inarngr, Thanks, and where the heck is Fort Bayou, MS? Frankb
  4. @ Inarngr, where are you getting the expanded metal grates ? I considered some stainless screen, but I thought that might be too restrictive to air flow. Frankb
  5. Teajunkie, I did buy a Smokin’ Stone when I purchased the grill, so I am good to go.
  6. Howdy all, I have been grilling on a first generation STOK pedestal grill for last 8 years or so. Grill is about wore out and I am ready to expand my horizons. STOK was a great grill, but somewhat limited in what you could do on it. Bought my Akorn from Lowe’s a couple of days ago. My first observation is this thing was very easy to assemble. Really appreciated only needing one 7/16th driver to assemble, along with blister pack hardware. Seems very solid after assembly. Seasoned grill last night. Grate now the appropriate black. I am delaying first cook until my ThermPro TS-80 arrives from Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. I hope that will moderate some of the frustrations and learning curve that this forum and YouTube have pointed out. Of note I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of the Cowboy lump that I bought. This bag has a large percentage of small pieces that look like they will fall through the grate. Bummer! Have not decided on first cook; maybe ribs for low and slow, or I might just cop out and cook ribeyes. Anyway, glad I found this forum. There is certainly a wealth of information from you experienced guys. With yalls help, hopefully I can avoid the pitfalls so many newbies have encountered. Wish me luck. Frankb.
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