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  1. You won't be disappointed. The things i discovered are that need a reasonable amount of charcoal in for all burns and start small with the fire, get it up to temp slowly. if it gets too hot, you'll never get it down again. i love mine (only had it 3 weeks)
  2. last question. it mentions elevating the grill rack. however on mine my lower rack sits right on the felt. also rotating the platesetter doesn;t seem to affect the height.
  3. Thanks folks. Their pretty valid points. I may just have to go for it. I'm lucky enough to travel to Texas a few times a year, so may have to make a purchase.... roughly how heavy are the 16" stones?
  4. Hi all, I'm new to this Kamado world. I've got the 2019 LG. I've been reading about the woo ring, part of me says i must have shiny thing(i also brew beer so i'm used to shinyitis fever) but truth be told i'm not sure I get it. Maybe split stones, but if i was grilling(and smoking) i'd probably fire up a kettle in parallel. Could someone spell out the honest benefits of it? or is there something better to spend my money? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks, Still getting the hang of this forum and my work blocking uploads...
  6. Hi All, I've just purchased my first Kamado. I previously had a cheap offset smoker and it was struggle to get my head around this method. But i'm beyond delighted. Once you get the knack of getting it lit and no running away in temp it hold its temp so easily. Did my first pork sholder(Butt) and it far exceeded my expectations. Anyway, tried pizza's this weekend. I'd read that it was better to have 2 stones to deflect the heat from the actual one you were cooking on. Got round that with a few layers of foil hung off the fire box. worked really well and pizza turned out really good. http://tinypic.com/r/33zfh5i/9
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