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  1. Just my two cents since I did my first brisket as well this weekend and it seem you ran into similar mistakes, I just made them differently. The cooler and holding it pulling it from the grill at 205, will over cook it because you will hold the temp and increase your carry over temp increases. The carryover can last a bit depending on the temps you are cooking with and can add a few degrees overall. From what I understand of carry overs it tries to get the full meat to the certain temp. Eq. The outer part of the brisket could be say 230 while the middle of the flat will be at 205. That section of the meat will try to close the gap between the temps. Increase the 205 temp but also decreasing the 230 temp. If the carry over hits 212 now you are at boiling water temp and you hold that temp in a cooler, the water left in the meat will continue to evaporate into steam and slowly continue to cook in the cooler. I read and will be trying on my next cook is allowing the rest to occur first. Pull it at 205, let it carry over and start resting, then at 140 throw it back on a grill that hopefully is cooling off after a couple of hours of rest or the cooler because then the cooler will kept it at a moister less aggressive temp.
  2. Thanks for the response Ogopogo. My thoughts were exactly the same that it was a sloppy job when they were cutting by the deckle fat and getting too close the the point's meat. After a day worth of google research, I think I got a plan. Since you are in St Paul like me, where do you get your meat? I can't seem to find brisket for less than $6 lb.
  3. Thank you for everybody response and I actually have Franklins' Masterclass videos and watch plenty of videos. The main concern is that dimple or cavity where its pretty deep but it seems nobody is too concern so I am somewhat relieved. I will update the post when I get it open tomorrow and actually trim it.
  4. I am making my first brisket and I am super excited. But I am feeling nervous about the brisket I choose because it has a portion of it that I don’t quite understand how to trim and hoping I didn’t choose a bad brisket. Butcher was grabbing the briskets from the back so I didn’t get to look at all of them. You can notice the treated part and having to trim some of it but I’m worried.
  5. I think your snuffing your fires. Might need to double the bottom vent opening. Also make sure you are trying to stack your charcoal to provide enough airflow. I had issues of dumping from the bag and lighting it. I take out the lumps with tongs and try to stack them like lincoln logs.
  6. Just bought my kamado over a month ago and been loving it, bought the Grilla Grills Kong. Done a few cooks now and cooked everything, expect for brisket and ribs.
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