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  1. I've got a Thermoworks Signals and Billows but I've never tried using it with the dojoe.
  2. Random question, how long are you able to hold your DoJoe at 600? Honestly I've not had good luck with mine and it's driven me to not want to use it. I'm trying to force myself to try again. In the past I've felt that once I get to 600-650, I'm only going to have 15-20 min at that temp before it starts dropping (from using up all the fuel). I'm usually tying to make NY Style pizzas, 3 or 4 of them, I'd say they need 7-10 minutes (a couple family members prefer a more well done pizza) and by the last ones the temp is usually falling.
  3. I've never tried but my gut tells me the steel would get way too hot. I suppose there are a lot of variables, how thick it is, how long it was heating up, how long you have the pizza in there, what style of pizza (neapolitan, NY, pub style, etc). I'm sure you could get it working with some experimentation but I'd probably just stick with the stone as it would be more forgiving at those hight temperatures. Take all this with a grain of salt though, every time I try using my do joe I feel like it's some kind of disaster.
  4. Does anyone know, when slicing pork belly for bacon slices, should you slice against the grain or does it not matter for bacon?
  5. When you sliced this, did you slice against the grain or does that not matter for bacon?
  6. I've started doing this on my Kamado Joe. For long cooks I'll try to find 4 or so good sized chunks and place them in a straight line on the bottom basically from the mouth of the bottom vent to the back. Then I put the lump on top. I've been really happy with the results and I'm going to keep doing this. It feels a lot more consistent to me than placing the chunks on top.
  7. Despite the fact that I've been having some issues, it's a really cool accessory to have. My favorite thing I've done is chicken shwarma. It was so good both times I made it and there are usually a lot of leftovers (I do 4lbs of thighs for just my wife and I).
  8. Maybe that is the issue, I don't have much of a seal at all. The lid will put down and sort of rest on the frame of the joetisserie, but there is a noticeable gap. I didn't think you would be able to get a tight seal, it didn't really look like it was meant for that. Maybe I need to try pulling it forward more like you did.
  9. Hey everyone. I have both the Joetisserie and the DoJoe for my Big Joe 2. I've used them a good handful of times over this past summer and into fall. I do have a question though, with the Joetisserie I've run it around 400-450 and the DoJoe anywhere 550 to 650 (I've kind of struggled with getting it really hot for some reason. But my main issue they don't seem to burn as long as I'd expect. The DoJoe especially. that one can take awhile to get to say 500, then I keep waiting and waiting for it to get to 600 but it takes forever or stalls around 550 or 575. If I can get it to 600+ I can only hold there for about 15-20 minutes before it starts dropping because the charcoal isn't able to keep up. If I'm trying to do 5-6 pizzas for a party, that isn't really enough time. Similarly with the joetisserie, I can burn around 400-450 for an hour, maybe a bit more but then I start running out of fuel and need to reload. I'm typically using KJ Big Block. I know you're not going to get the efficiency since it's not sealed, but I'd have thought they'd run longer. I'm sure it's something I'm doing with the setup but I haven't been able to get it honed in yet. Just looking for thoughts.
  10. Great advice and thank you! I actually realized I don't need to do this. I have half a pork butt frozen in a vacuum bag. I'm just going to toss that in a sous vide bath and boom. I was saving it for a rainy day and it'll work well here.
  11. Oh I gotcha. I misunderstood. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'll try it at some point but definitely don't want to experiment with a method I'm not familiar with when I haver a group to feed!
  12. Hahah I mostly agree with you. But I have a four month old and I'd like to eat around 3 for a small get together we're having. I don't really want to wake up at say 2am to start this. So it's really just a timing issue is all.
  13. Yeah, I'm not worried about that at all. Just looking for any weirdness that maybe I haven't encountered.
  14. Hey Everyone. I'm planning on cooking a full brisket (guess it'll be around 20lbs before trimming) and a pork shoulder this weekend. Ideally I'd toss them both on around 10PM Saturday night, let em go overnight and then do whatever I need to in the morning. Just looking for any advice or gotcha's I should look out for. I've never cooked two things at once like this. In my head I think I should be fine. Setting it up for 225 and letting them go mostly unattended for roughly 8-10 hours (I'll have an alarm set for the temperature but I won't be checking them, opening the dome, spraying, ect. I'll be asleep).
  15. I've actually got two sous vide circulators so I'm good there. Thanks for the advice!
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