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  1. I've actually got two sous vide circulators so I'm good there. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Just looking for any tips here. My wife and I are expecting our first child in May so we're starting to do some crock pot meal prep. We're making meals and freezing them so we can just crock pot them later when we're sleep deprived. I'm going to want some BBQ and won't have the time (not for the crock pot). I've got some pulled pork and shredded beef stock piled. I picked up a brisket this weekend and I plan on making it this week. The plan is to eat a bit for a meal or two, take a hunk thank I can make chili with and then freeze a portion to have later. My question is would you leave that portion whole or cut it up? I'm not sure if that affects how much it might dry out or anything. I've got a vacuum sealer I plan on using. I also have a sous vide, so when it comes time to eat it, I can just throw the sealed pack in and bring it up to temp. Looking for any tips to maximize flavor and prevent the meat from being dry.
  3. For anyone that wanted to know the outcome: I ended up cooking the tri tip indirectly At 400 degrees to about 120. At that point I seared it over direct heat and let it rest for about 30 minutes. I had to cook it to about 135 as there were a good number of people that don’t like meat that is too rare, so that is a bummer but even still, this was one of the best things I’ve grilled in ages. I sliced it as thin as possible for sandwiches and they were amazing.
  4. Hi All. For the super bowl I’m going to cook some wings and a tri tip on my Big Joe. Planning on doing a reverse sear on the tri tip but I’ve got a question about the resting period. I’ve read a 15 min resting period is recommended. Is there any harm in letting it rest for say an hour or two? Only reason I’m thinking about that is timing everything out. It might help if I can do the tri tip earlier then wrap it up and put it in a cooler. I’m just not sure if there is any harm in letting it sit too long that way. In the past, I’ve been able to keep brisket piping hot while wrapped in a towel and placed in a cooler so I was hoping to do the same thing here.
  5. I was debating this this and next time I think this is the route to go. Haha, this was the first aforementioned chuck roast I messed up but again, I was able to salvage it in the end. You're a man of few words but I had a feeling this was the answer. Thanks for the advice everyone. 3rd time should be a charm.
  6. Hey Guys, just looking for some advice. I have a feeling it's simply "cook it longer". I wanted to try making some barbacoa this weekend. I had a 5lb or so chuck roast that I cut in to about 6 chunks. I seasoned that, put it in a dutch oven with some vegies and beef broth and put it on my Joe at 350 to braise. I checked it about an hour and 15 and it was coming along. Around an hour 45 or so, a couple of the smaller chunks felt done. There were probe tender so I took those out while the others continued to braise. I think I pulled those off around an 2 hours and 15 minutes. I wanted to make sure they weren't going to fall apart when I grabbed them because I was cranking the heat and I was going to sear them, so I did that then brought them inside. Unfortunately while the meat did seem cooked through, it was still very tough and I wasn't able to shred it easily. This is the second time this has happened to me with a chuck roast. I was able to salve everything by throwing it in the crock pot with the sauce I made from the braise, but it was more work and more dishes to clean in the end. Any tips on making sure I avoid this in the future? Like I said, it felt pretty tender but in the end, it wasn't at all.
  7. Hi All, I did some quick searching but didn't see anything like this. I wouldn't mind something in the recipe section that was geared toward quicker weeknight type meals. Things that could be ready in 45 min or so. I was scrolling through some of the beef and chicken stuff and there are some quicker meals in there, but it'd be nice to just browse all quick meals in one go if possible. Maybe something where you can crosspost as a quick recipe or tag it that way. I'm at work and trying to think of something I can do kind of last minute which is why I'm asking.
  8. What do the giant sandwiches run cost? Last time I was in NY was a couple years ago. I wanted to go to Carnegie Deli (thank you Adam Sandler) but I missed it by about six months and they had closed. I thought about Katz but it was a bit of a trek and I was there during a snow storm.
  9. I never thought of that aspect. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind next time.
  10. That is good to hear. I picked up the Signals/Billows combo during the open box sale this weekend. Should be here this week and I'm excited to try it out on a butt.
  11. Wow, thank you for the detailed reply. This actually helped me a lot. I didn't see it until Friday evening, but it got me to put the meat on before I was planning. So to sum up the cook.... For a quick bit of background, we had out of town guests in that stayed with us Friday to Sunday. I bought a brisket and small pork shoulder as we were hosting a BBQ Saturday. I live in Chicago so I was out for the Bears game Thursday night and since it was such a dumpster fire, a lot of drinking was done. This led to a really tired and hung over me on Friday. So I was dragging all day and super tired. I saw Frank's response to my post probably around 7PM. At that point I decided I needed to get the brisket on before 11 as originally planned. The brisket was a prime full packer, 15.5 lbs. I trimmed it pretty aggressively and did a salt and pepper rub around 5PM. I put it back in the fridge until I was ready to smoke. I also trimmed the pork shoulder a bit and used one of the random seasonings I had. It was a small 4.5lbs. I lit my joe at 8:30. I was following John's advice from another post about prepping for an overnight, so I brought the grill to about 175 then started slowing it down. It rose very slowly to 225 and then went past it just slightly to around 230. It was 9:30 so I put the brisket on but then the temperature didn't want to rise past 195 so I opened it up just slightly and it got to 220 and started holding there. At this point it was about 11 and due to the Bears game hangover, I was struggling to stay away. I was in bed but at about 12:30 I got a high temp alarm at 240. If I was sure it was going to hold at 240, I'd probably have left it but I didn't want it to keep rising, so I went outside and made a small adjustment. At this point I fell asleep from 1-3:30AM but was awoken with a low temp alarm at 199. From 3:30 to about 4 I was having a tough time getting it above 200, I was afraid the coals might have gone out but that didn't make much sense to me (and they didn't) but I didn't want to over correct. I took a peak at 4AM for the first time because it had hit 160 so I was thinking about wrapping. To my disappointment the park didn't look good at all. Frankly there wasn't much there. I wasn't sure if it was because the temperature was too low or what. At this point I got a little more aggressive and raised the temperature to about 250. I checked it again at 6am (I think it was at that time, lack of sleep now has me very foggy). and the bark looked so much better, much more what I was expecting. I took the brisket off and wrapped it in butcher paper and put it back on. I removed the pork shoulder, wrapped in foil and put in a couple tablespoons of apple juice. I got them both back on the grill and raised the temp to about 275. The reasoning behind this was I was afraid I under estimated the cooking time and with people coming over as early as 2, I didn't want to chance it. At this point I was able to get about an hour of nap time in. My internal probe hit 205 around 9:30 AM. I was a little nervous just because it was earlier than I planned but when I probed, it was amazingly tender all over. Both the point and flat, same with the pork. So at this point I was cautiously optimistic that it was going to be OK. I wrapped them in a towel and put them in a cooler to rest. They sat there from 9:15AM to about 4PM. Since the Joe was still going, I made a jalapeno corn bread in a skillet as well as John's beer pretzels/beer cheese as an appetizer. When I finally took them both out, I was relieved. The bone slid right out of the pork and it just fell right apart. The bark on the brisket looked great. The point pulled away from the flat almost without the use of a knife. I just cut a bit of the leftover fat off and started slicing. I cut up some burnt ends as well. This was definitely a learning experience and I made a lot of mistakes but in the end, everyone loved the food. I've had a lot of trouble holding at a temperature, especially at 225. I really need to work on that. Between all the beer and BBQ, I was passed out by 10PM and I used yesterday as a recovery day. I can't wait until I'm more proficient managing the grill. Even when I had time to close my eyes I couldn't sleep because I was nervous it was going to spike or drop. Thanks for all the advice here!
  12. Thank you for the tip. That should make things a little easier on me.
  13. Good to know. I 100 percent understand every piece of meat is different but say I did wrap around that time, what time do you think I'd be pulling it off? Again, I know it varies, just looking for your experience.
  14. Hi Everyone. I've been looking through the forums and other online resources and I see a bit of conflicting info. I'm going to try my first overnight brisket smoke tomorrow night. We're having a BBQ on Saturday so I'm going to try getting this on the grill Friday night around 11PM-12AM. I've read John's tips on getting the grill stable before leaving it so I'm good there. I should be picking up a full packer brisket tonight. My goal is to leave it whole, trim it and and a salt and pepper rub Friday morning then put it in the fridge until I'm ready to cook. My big questions are 1) Should I do a simple beef broth based injection? Not so much for flavor but more the added moisture which brings me to question 2) Should I plan on wrapping this? I was hoping to get it on around midnight and sleep till 6am or so. But if I have to wrap it, that could happen around 4am or so. If I have to get up, that's fine, I'm just more curious about whether it's needed or not. I don't want the brisket to dry out. Usually the store has Prime full packers around 14-16 lbs, so thats what I'm hoping for. I'm still new to smoking so any advice is appreciated! I'll be cooking on my KJ Big Joe II
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