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  1. I've already ordered my bag of Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus so I can play along
  2. Small pork loin roast marinaded and injected with Wegmans Spiedie marinade that I cooked @250F until IT hit 135F and then reverse seared over a bed of blazing hot KJBB coals. Served up with some red skin potato salad and finished off with a CI skillet brownie I baked on the KJ for dessert, not bad for a Tuesday.
  3. Well after another week going by and more searching the forum high and low for a way to contact someone I finally used the "report abuse" link and explained my situation in the email. I sent the message @ 9:37pm, I received no reply but @ 10:58pm suddenly I was approved, now to find out if it was worth the hassle.
  4. discount @ CGS doesn't include "sale" items so just keep that in mind before the road show and will cost $99 shipping but would avoid the tax. I would know, I use that discount just about weekly.
  5. @fafrd Usually the white smoke clears up as the temp. gauge on both of my kamado cookers is around 200F, not sure what happened in your particular situation. RO was a real smoker for me with a very chemically odor as it was lighting but again the smoke turned lighter, then clear as the lid temp passed 200 degrees. Others have complained of acrid smoke and taste from food with KJBB until it has fully lit and the fire has matured which has taken a long time for them, so far this hasn't been an issue for me but I've come across a few posts about it.
  6. mine is debosssed into the ceramic under the top vent.
  7. I wasn't asking max, I was asking most of the time. Cooking for 2-4 everyday and 10 or even 20 a few times a year would translate to $400-500 extra plus the additional cost of accessories (BJ accessories are more than Classic) for something you might utilize that little is something to consider. I cook for 2-3 most of the time but I do a lot of big meat cooks so the size is utilized about once a week so I feel it's worth it. As I posted 8-10 burgers/ steaks depending on shape and size on the classic. If you do get the BJII I would recommend the KAB/KJ ash basket with divider or CGS firebox dividers to split the firebox so you don't use as much charcoal on the small cooks. Good luck!!
  8. FWIW my BGE XL is 28" across w/o side table brackets
  9. My KJ Classic is 25" wide at it's furthest point which is the rear side table brackets, so I would put the BJ at around 31" so it would be close but you should be good. A 24" kamado is a BIG cooker so I would ask, how many will you be cooking for 80-90% of the time? You can cook 8-10 burgers on one grid level of a KJ Classic
  10. Nice results on this one, very close to KJBB. I came across this info about Big Block on Lowe's website- Exclusive blend of three hardwoods – Guayaibi, Mistal, and White Quebracho
  11. agreed. I personally love cooking with olive oil but it'll make a mess if you get it too hot.
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