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  1. Good idea, and certainly worth a shot ... except for the drizzle/rain which sparked my thinking to begin with ;> And, of course, having the pan full of water during the smoke provides lots of moisture to condense ... ;>
  2. Anyone used https://pitmasteriq.com/products/iq110 or equivalent with a kamander? Detailed experience? is the base kit sufficient or is there some extra adapter(s) required? Thanks in advance.
  3. Followup. Finding water in the "bottom plug" when the rain was *after* I'd covered up the grill ... I've come to conclude that the water buildup is condensation not leakage. There's some remaining trace smoke coming from the thermometer, the corporate logo as well as the exhaust vent .. so there's some additional bits of sealing to be done ... but I think I was a bit misguided about the water ....
  4. Some tape has helped the primary seal. The top vent is getting better as there's increasing amount of "seasoning". The "bottom" vent remains a water hazard, seems tricky to try to seal that up. Temps seem pretty stable, so perhaps I just have accept that uncovered I'll have to make sure I clear the bottom drain ;>
  5. So a few weeks in, several cooks. Works a lot better than I expected for $270ish. But I am a bit unhappy at the amount of leakage. I can see how to beef up the gasket between the top and bottom. But when it rains (and sadly, in the Greater Denver area, rain during or just after a cook is pretty common), even when the cook is completed ... top and "bottom" vents completely closed .... I'm finding water in the bottom and just inside the "bottom" vent. Due to the lack of air tightness, it's taking many hours for the temp to fall ...so just tossing the cover over it seems dicey (who wants melted m
  6. Thanks for the quick and welcoming responses!
  7. Is there a voting process or something? I know I'm new here ... but are we second class citizens? ;>
  8. Lovely picture, thanks for sharing. It's exactly like one I recall growing up with. We never managed to keep one intact for more than about 5 years of use. I don't know if it was too high heat, or thermal shock (stored outdoors in Los Angeles) or perhaps from periodic impacts (ping pong, dogs, kids running around...). Use it in good health!
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