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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback! The pulled pork did turn out great! Clearly though on the next one I need to be a little more hands on at the beginning until I get a better sense of control of the heat! Dave
  2. Have had a the Kamado Joe Classic 3 now for a few months and absolutely love it. This weekend did my first weekend pork shoulder (9.5 lbs) and am very confused my temperature readings. This was meant to be a trial run for fun and a few other things came up so started later then I planned. 1. Started it up at around midnight at night and got it going and stable at around 230F. Placed on a FlameBoss 400 (just out of box) and set to 230F and went to sleep. I placed the alligator clips closer to the meet than to the centre. 2. At 8 AM checked the FlameBoss app and the grate temperature was 230F, but after 8 hours the meet was stuck at about 145-148F. Went downstairs and the dome temperature read ~180F. So readjusted and no change and then checked with a different electric meet thermometer (which I lay across the grate) and that read 250F. 3. Over day opened up the vents more and increased the dome temp to 240 and the grate temperature continued to read about 40-50 degrees more throughout the cook. Eventually after about 15 hours finished the meat. (I had to leave again for a few hours during this part) 4. Just for testing I attached the the aligator clips to the Dome temperature probe and was hitting >50F higher on the FlameBoss app. I then checked in boiling water with 4 different thermometers and the Flameboss grate and meat probe and my other meat thermometers were all within a few degrees. My questions: 1. Why is there a 50F degree difference between the grate and dome reading. I've read some difference is normal - but this seems more? 2. In boiling water the flameboss seems to be accurate which makes me suspect the dome temperature is off. But after 8+ hours of cooking my shoulder was stuck at 147F - which suggests I probably was cooking at about 185F? Thanks
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