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  1. So it appears to be the newer grates that are busting? The older grates had Char Broil or something like that spelled out as part of the cast iron.
  2. Put Nomax around the top chimney to tighten the seal between the fitting. Now the exhaust cap has a air tight fit and is sandwiched on without the air leaks. [/url]
  3. I've got chicken smoken in the thing now!!
  4. So below is the new Bayou plus I included a pic showing my modified grate. 4 stainless risers to place an upper place-setter/grate for cooking. The bottom grate shown will hold a pan for drippings and also be used for the heat deflector. http:// http://
  5. thanks!! I've already modified the grate system and hope to post pictures later on.
  6. Thanks!! My local Lowes didn't have it and they found one 2.5 hrs away. I drove to pick it up!! Give the on-line Lowes a call and they should be able to search for one.
  7. Purchased my Bayou Classic from Lowes. Fantastic deal at only $399.00.. Neighbor came down to help set the unit into the stand. What a TANK!! Last week I purchased a Vision M from Sams but took it back because of this deal I came across. Plus the Bayou has a larger cooking surface! Originally owned a Char Griller Kamado and love it!! We use it 3-4x a week and last cooked our Thanksgiving turkey on it. Cant say enough positive results from it but I couldn't pass up this deal on the Bayou Classic. Just ordered a cover. Looking for some ideas on mods ect!!! Travis
  8. Fantastic! Looking forward to using it. You be able to. Fantastic!! Looking forward to using it then!
  9. So could one smoke up a 20+ pound turkey on the M series? I just ordered one and concerned about the surface area!
  10. Bit pricy but they offer a fantastic quality grate and other features that you might find worth the extra cost! Plus its a nice upgrade to our kamado! http://www.cast-iron-grate.com/
  11. I've had my Chargriller now for about 1.5 yrs and can see two cracks in my grate. This from normal use. Thinking of purchasing a replacement at this web site. http://www.cast-iron-grate.com/ Bit pricey but I do like its features and quality.
  12. Last Christmas my wife got me the AKORN and we have really enjoyed it. We have at least cooked on it every week this past year and always enjoyed the food. Very impressed with how well it cooks in the winter months included low and slow meats (talking 10-20F and wind). Never an issue! So the one item I'll be replacing is the charcoal grate. Seems to have taken a beating. Other than that, my added top lid gasket will need replaced this spring. I keep it outside under our car port with the King Griller cover which is a must have! Best gift money can buy! How has yours been holding up? What piece seems to be going first on your AKORN?
  13. I'll be smoken up a pork butt picnic tomorrow showing highs of only 25 so I'll soon see but from my experience with other cooks, shouldn't have any issues.
  14. I sure like to try the Craycort grates someday. Altough 99% of my cooking is done on top fo the GrillGrates. http://www.cast-iron-grate.com/
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