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  1. Thanks! My family almost finished the entire lamb for dinner. It was really good.
  2. This delicious dish is quite easy to make. Please subscribe to my channel. Enjoy!
  3. The recipe is in the video I posted above. It's also in the video description. It's a solid recipe. Let me know how it goes.
  4. Koftas can be found all over the Mediterranean region and in the Middle East. It is a simple yet delicious dish that cooks fast. Use wider skewers so that the ground meat will hold better.
  5. That looks awesome! The guys at the Ceramic Grill Store is prototyping a tandoor accessory for kamados. I hope they'll have it ready soon.
  6. Looks great. I've seen chicken cooked in muffin pans in bbq competitions but have never tried it myself. Look forward to trying it out. In competitions, the competitors normally removed the big vein inside the thigh and they'll trim off the excess fat.
  7. I attempted to simulate the cooking technique of a tandoor oven by hanging skewers of chicken down the kamado's top vent. The chicken turned out really well. To avoid pieces of chicken sliding off the skewers during cooking you can insert a piece of lemon or onion on the bottom of the skewer.
  8. The kecap manis in Southeast Asia is actually the ketchup that started it all. If I remember correctly, when the Dutch were in Indonesia they took the soy sauce based kecap manis and adopted it to their taste. From there we got the tomato based ketchup that the western world is familiar with.
  9. Using a wok on the kamado is tricky because of the inability to quickly adjust the heat. I normally use my outdoor propane burner for wok cooking, but in this video I experimented with making pad see ew on the kamado. It turned out well but I had to be really careful with not placing too much charcoal in otherwise the temperature would've gotten too hot.
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