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  1. Good to hear Brandon. Do you think my petite wife will be strong enough to help set it up or do I need to call a buddy.
  2. As John suggested, I questioned KJ support again about the weight. Here was the reply: Kevin,The generation III model is around 500 lbs fully assembled. The other generations have different weights.Shavon how could gen 3 be 200lbs more than gen 2? It just doesn’t sound right.
  3. Very interesting. You’re right. I’ve also seen that 285lb weight for the BJ2. I’m going to send another email to them for further clarification. I thought 500lbs sounded way to heavy for a grill. .
  4. Good point. I should have included the support email. Here is what KJ said... Thank you for reaching out to us about our grill. Yes, the unit weights that much. You should get 3 people to help you. I cannot confirm that the grill will roll on your patio with ease. Also, as of right now we do not white glove deliver. If you have any further questions let me know.Person 1: Holds the dome open by the handle.Person 2: Grabs the base from the inside of the base through to the draft door.Person 3: Holds the base at the gasket, by the hinge.
  5. I finally convinced myself that the Big Joe 24” grill size is the way to go. But, at 500lbs I worry that it’s too heavy to move around my patio with ease and without breaking tiles. I have 1’ X 2’ Tiles with 1/4” grout lines. As big as it is, how realistic is it to move this beast around the patio or do I need to find a spot and park it? Also, KJ support says it takes 3 people to set it up. Is that correct?
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