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  1. Hi all, Not sure whats going on with my cyberq cloud/pit probe but it seems to show a higher temp than the dome thermometer... its not a big issue just strange as I would expect it to be the other way around. When the pit probe shows 260f the dome is showing only 220f. I checked them both with boiling water prior to using them. cyberq was showing 207f (good enough for me), and recalibrated the dome thermometer. I suspect it could possibly be the pit temp probe reading from the wire instead of the tip (where the heat from the firebox rises), but inspecting the wire closely I cannot see any signs of damage. any hints/tips? Its not a problem but more of a concern that it shows quite a bit higher than the dome temp. If it was the other way around I wouldnt think twice about questioning it lol thanks Adam
  2. im gonna give this a try aswell!
  3. This is what i do aswell plus I hang it from the underside of the side shelf, but I have never tried it in heavy rain. I do it for overnight cooks just in case it does rain throughout the night
  4. Did my first Rotisserie cook at weekend. Purposely kept it very simple to focus on the cook and to also directly compare to the fan assisted oven. Cooked it at 180C/350f (dome temp) and it cooked slightly quicker than expected but it was a good learning curve.
  5. one of my go to meals is pad kra pow (i doubt thats spelt right), which is basil chicken. Its a Tai stirfry, made from scratch and can be prepped and cooked in around 45 mins. extremely tasty. Smash burgers in the cast iron pan can be done in 20 mins on the gas hob
  6. do you deliver? i'll have one....maybe two....or a few
  7. is it still in the stall? (5pm) the slow climb that makes you 2nd guess if you started early enough? heh heh
  8. looks good, have a good one! (and dont forget to send some leftovers heh heh). Im on party food tonight and the monolith covered up:(. My wife is in work today and I have the little one (1 year old) all day so I cant cook anything on it......although burgers could be very tempting since they can be done later on...;)
  9. looks amazing! Almost a shame to eat it since it looks so good!
  10. Your only kidding yourself with that excuse hehe it looks delicious and I may have to try it myself....(to get some good pictures of course) what did you put in the crab cakes?
  11. I read somewhere (i forget where sorry) that leaving the bottom and top vents open slightly reduces mould due to a constant airflow. If im not using mine for a while I take off the top cast iron vent and put it inside the kamado and cover the kamado with a cover, bottom vent open just slightly and that seems to work for me.
  12. because its cold, wet and miserable outside lol. bbq season in britain typically runs from may to....september if your lucky haha (they stopped selling charcoal in my local garden centre before the end of september and now I have to buy it online). I want to be part of the 'must be mad for bbqing this time of year' group.
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