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  1. Welcome Heuer! Im from the UK aswell, only got my kamado last month and still in the learning process. Your paella looks great! I would be interested in your method
  2. Hi all, Does anyone have any info on Monolith bringing half moon cast iron griddles and grids? Hopefully they are going to release them since the Smart Grid System (monoliths version of Divide & Conquer) was released this year. Alternatively does anyone know if there are other brands that fit nicely on the Smart Grid System? thanks Adam
  3. Monty has a great job of keeping the standards high :D
  4. Thats some really good advice and something I am going to do going forward, thanks :D I do like ribs both fall of the bone and with a bit of bite to them, but here in the UK it can be few and far between to get fall of the bone ones.....although the bbq scene in the UK is changing and evolving more and more. Most english bbq's consist of burger sausage and jacket potato cooked directly....and thats about it lol. Its good to learn all these new ways from different cultures and people. Even though those ribs were not quite cooked to my target, they were still the best ones I have ever done hehe :D Thanks everyone for all your advice Adam
  5. Here are the pics of the ribs, now I found out how to upload pics (with the help of ckreef)
  6. Thanks ckreef, you got it in one! Resized and worked straight away:D
  7. Hi all, First of all, sorry if this post is in the wrong place. Im not sure where to post topics relating to website help. I have been trying to upload some pics of my cooks (and a profile pic aswell) but everytime the upload progress bar fills up it says failed. I have tried it on my phone and pc but both have the same result. File sizes are under the 14.65MB size and are in the .JPG format. I have also renamed them so they dont have symbols, brackets, underscores etc. Any suggestions as to what it could be? Thanks Adam
  8. I have recently just got a kamado and had no intention of getting a cover. I got one because it was bundled in with some other stuff and im glad that I did get one now. Not only does it protect from the rain (im in the UK aswell) but it also hides it out of sight, which is great since i can be a little paranoid of leaving expensive things outside (i even put it on backwards so the logo is not on display lol).
  9. only thing that puts me off is the price lol although the idea of a temp controlled open grill... that also expands your cooking area sounds quite good.
  10. that looks great! is that a pastry casing? I have never heard of beggars chicken before so i didnt know what to expect to see lol:)
  11. i will have to keep an eye out for something similar, i bet they would also make a nice snack while waiting for other things to cook:)
  12. Ribs turned out great! not fall off the bone tender but still delecious. my temps were nice and stable so I left them alone for the first 3 hours. For some reason it keeps failing to upload the pics, i will try again on the pc later on though
  13. That looks good! I will keep this meal in mind. About those garlic knots...they look great, g9w do you make those? Thanks Adam
  14. Thanks Golf Griller and bbqnerd for those well detailed guides, I will take pictures along the way. Thanks
  15. Im going to try some pork ribs tomorrow, got them in the fridge with the membrane off and the rub on I tried them twice in the past on my old offset...first time was rubbish and second time was absolute failure lol. This time its on the kamado so hopefully they will come out better :D Any hints and tips from anyone? what about measuring the meat temps? I will post the outcome thanks Adam
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