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  1. thanks len440, I will have to look at buying some in future
  2. I made some bbq sauce earlier today and in hindsight, I realised I should have made it while I had the grill fired up so I could give it a smokey flavour . It involved simmering over a medium heat for around 5 minutes. Would it be ok to reheat in the kamado for smoking and then carry on using it after it has cooled down? next time I will make and smoke it straight away. thanks Adam
  3. Looks good! And a very good shape by my standards
  4. Decided to try this Stir fry dish on the kamado... I also wanted to test cooking rice with it aswell Turned out really good and once cooking, it was more effecient than the gas hob (rice was about the same cook time) thanks for looking Adam
  5. great advice! I usually dont like having leftovers purely because its not as good as fresh from the grill. Will definitely have to try this in the future.... coming from post 2, would it be better to get a sous vide setup (i dont know much about sous vide) to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, or would a vacuum sealer do a better job of sealing for the freezer? thanks Adam
  6. Hijack my own thread so I dont need to make a new one Did 2 pizza's tonight for tea (homemade, unlike the frozen chips and onion rings hehe), turned out pretty good. toppings are cheddar, mozerella, pepperoni, chorizo and little red pepper bells (cant recall the name at the moment).
  7. Looks great! any leftovers for me? heh heh Glad it turned out great, I will have to try adding some smoke next time I use mine. First 2 tries were mainly focusing on figuring out roughly good temps for slow cooks and 'fast' slow cooks
  8. Sounds like you need to make them less tasty if you want them to last longer
  9. Last time I used my dutch oven in the kamado i set it up indirectly with the dome temp around 160C/320f and that was done in about 3 hours without drying out, it seemed to have a good simmer. (my first time was about 180C/360f but i found that too hot, almost boiling and dried up a little too much). Next time I use it I will aim for a temp of around 140C/280f to see if it cooks nice, slow and gentle simmer for roughly 5-6 hours (hopefully?). Keep in mind that im very new to kamado's and someone else could probably provide better advice, but thats been my experience so far and hopefully it gives a little idea for you
  10. I decided to do whiskey oak smoked steak with fries, onion rings and corn cobs for dinner. First time I have used the cast iron grid and dual zone configuration. I did the fries and onion rings in the kamado to test the dual zone setup. I was a little concerned about everything being ready at the same time but turned out great. I was however, quite amazed with the difference between the 2 zones, it almost felt like 2 seperate units with how the food cooked. I would normally do this meal in an electric oven and on a gas hob and the timings were practically the same. And to think I was a little skeptical on the dual zone cooking hehe
  11. Will try your recipe out next time i make them jeffieboy thanks Yours certainly rise like a skyscraper
  12. never heard of putting jam in them, may have to try that next time
  13. only improvement i can suggest is make em bigger......and make more....loads more, cant have too many hehe
  14. those yorkshire puddings turned out perfect for me! I love em like that
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