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  1. despite the forecast for rain I decided to cook on the kamado anyway I have done this twice now and both times it has dried out a little (maybe due to the topping?), next time I will add more moisture to compensate....but it was still very tasty regardless. smoked the sauce with whiskey oak and then smoked the topping with hickory towards the end of the cook. I am extremely new to smoking and it was very experimental for me but I am happy with the results .
  2. looks good! remember to save some for me next time
  3. cod and veg for a mid-week cook in between all the rain we have had lately...
  4. I have not had the pleasure (or pain ) of trying a brisket yet, hopefully soon though From this post and others I have read in the past, I assume 'Time' should be read as past tense ie; 'it took X hours to cook' rather than 'its going to take X hours to cook'.... and you only know how long it takes once its done I suppose the big quetsion is when to start? How long do you allow for if you have guests the following day? (guessed cooking time plus 4 hours? etc) Or is it a case of How long is a piece of string? lol
  5. Thats a really useful tip to remember thanks!
  6. Looks good! I especially like how you use voodoo magic to make that top tier float in mid air
  7. Can I have one next time? they look delicious I once did some ribs with a sticky Guiness glaze and they were good, so this sounds like a dish I need to try :D
  8. what are they stuffed with? They look like the kind of food thats so good they are gone if you turn your back...did you get one before they were gone? hehe
  9. those burnt ends look good! I may have to try those
  10. done another butter pie but took some more pics this time. Traditionally you have sliced potato and onions but i prefer to mash the potato and put the onions and the skins in a blender, then mix them into the mash
  11. looks good, Did you get your pot from lidl? what size is it? I managed to get one from lidl but it was an oval one:)
  12. Forget domino's, JohnnyAppetizer pizzas are where its at! that looks delicious!
  13. good luck with the pizza today...although it sounds like your gonna do just fine
  14. Im gonna try this one day, looks like a recipe that can go in my bbq book:)
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