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    maintenance and repair of beloved #7 Kamado, blue tile version with gas option
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  1. Hello all, We have a blue tile #7 that has gracefully endured the extremes of Boston weather uncovered for well over a dozen years, still cooking, but needs some TLC. I am looking for 1) directions on how to reset the tiles that have fallen off over the years, our attempt failed , 2) suggestions as to replacement or substitutions for what Richard called the Lumpsaver (the vessel used to contain the lump coal above the firebox), 3) a replacement handle for the draft door opening, which is also where the gas control is - ours is black ceramic ( handle works fine, but is chipped), and lastly 4) suggestions about what to use inside the grill to secure the frame that the draft door/gas control rods ride when opening and closing - I used furnace cement, but it failed. I know it is a lot to , but advice or suggestions on even one item would be much appreciated - this BBQ has a lifetime of grilling left in her yet! cheers, Nancy
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