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  1. Great work. I built my Big Joe into a table and have pondered on getting the Joe-Tisserie but need to make sure the drive motor will fit with the minimal clearance I have from my table to the top of the Joe's base. Now I may go McGiver and do this...
  2. Consider that idea stolen. Thanks.
  3. PM me your address. I've got a buddy who knows the owners of Grove Charcoal up here in WI. Can probably snag a bag and send it down there to you, if interested.
  4. Thanks guys. My grill table may be a tad out of level....I have times where it won;t want to stay up...but it's close to staying and then finally does. I bet that's the culprit.
  5. Jealous Devil tonight into tomorrow on a whole brisket. (will exhaust that supply). Still on sale here locally for $20 a bag....I will invest in that again, maybe heavily. Using FOGO Supreme (beige bag) for the first time ever on Sunday for 2 pork butts with some apple chunks.
  6. Back onto the pizza thread....has anyone used the KJ expander rack to get the stone/deflectors up higher near the dome to utilize the radiant heat? Guessing the deflectors may not fit up there at that added height on the rack and with spacers and stone (?) I'm likely getting the DoJoe before too long anyway, but just a thought.
  7. Nice. My dad's side of the family is all originally out of Neenah. Parents both worked at Mercury Marine back in the day. My niece lives down there in Round Rock, TX. I am officiating football in Howard's Grove tonight then coming home and throwing a 13 pound brisket on around 1-2 am.
  8. Found a good IRT locally...I ordered the double probe thermo. Thanks all.
  9. No - I actually was a carpenter for 26 years, so I beefed this up substantially and added blocking in the 4 joist cavities from the ledger on the house out to the beam. Engineered to hold probably double that at this point. The weakest link in the chain is the composite decking, which is why I increased it to have the joists 6"-8" O.C. depending on the existing joist layout. I also added a set of casters to the middle of the table to help spread out the weight via the contact points. There may come a time not too far down the road that we will redo this deck too. I didn't build the house (bought it 3 years old), so we may pull the deck boards and railing, add a waterproof system for the patio underneath it, and then redo with a different color and better brand of decking and possibly see-thru panels rather then the ballasters. House was built to the 9's...the deck was an after-thought when they were looking to sell, and they bought the cheapest s**t you can find from Menard's up here. When we do get after it, I may run electrical over to that spot and maybe an LP line from our house to have over there for lighting/side burner purposes. Side burner going in shows up next TUE / WED. Will run on a 20# tank for now.
  10. keeper....what brand of IR thermometer do you have? I'm in the market for one of these right now..
  11. I used that all last week and this week. Not going to lie....I love the hell out of it and the bag it comes in, to boot. I have the beige bag FOGO on deck next for this weekend's brisket and 2 pork butts in back to back days....plus running junior back to college. Going to be running like mad.
  12. I moved my table so we could get some stain on the back side...the decking flexes like a SOB if not centered right on the joists. I'm glad I beefed it up, I'll tell you that. Good luck.
  13. Where does that brand call home? (I've got family in Bend, OR that comes back every now and again with a vehicle)
  14. Been away for a bit....just got caught up. So far I've used a bag of The Grove. Loved the burn length, no foreign material, and chunk sizes were great with the exception of some small bits at the end of the bag, which may have been me trying to shove the bag in a sealed air tight Rubbermaid tote I keep mine in. $15 for a 20 lb bag. I also tried Rockwood I got close to home for $24.99 / 20# bag, and while the pieces were impressive (see pic), it is quick to light, little waste, and foreign material, it burns away quick. You get nothing but ash piles left to work with the next day. I am now using a combo of the two until they're both gone, which won't be long - I have 7 cooks in last 9 days. I will jump over to some of these other brands and give them a run. Good stuff, and thanks for investing the time and money, CK.
  15. Mine went on my deck....which I beefed up substantially due to the weight of that unit and grill table I built to hold it. If you are going on any deck with composite decking....check your specs and workmanship of the deck. Been more than a handful of guys whose KJs/BGE's, etc went the way of humpty dumpty, unfortunately.
  16. Whoever is telling you that weight is going by the shipping weight with the pallet, crate, grill, nest, etc. all included. My BJ II was delivered a week ago and the net weight per the LTL delivery ticket was like 465 lbs. and I think they even figured heavy with that. I do know the packaging all-in I carried out back and burned. The main shipping pallet was 45 lbs.+/- alone, plus wood crate top and bottom, 4-walled cardboard surround, and even 10-15 pounds in styrofoam. (Yes, that much - I was shocked how well this was packaged). Plus the ash tool, grate gripper, yada yada. Probably 85-90 lbs, in packaging weight, I'm guessing.
  17. This has been fun as hell to keep up on. Thanks for the time and effort. Newbie to the kamado game. There is a brand called The Grove Charcoal Company from Cedar Grove, WI about 20 minutes from my house. Not sure how wide their market is, but I've read good and not so good reviews on it. Anyone else ever try it or use it?
  18. Ha, I've seen them also. My last name is Sturn....former coach in school nicknamed me "Sturno" which has stuck for 3+ decades now and even my son and daughter were called that in school. The little cans of Sterno you see at banquets and buffets to keep the food warm...a little play on that.
  19. Just purchased the KJ Big Joe 24 last night...via Costco online. Will advise of any issues. I'd been hunting for a kamado for a few months, and this just hit at the right time. Probably $250-$300 cheaper than I can snag that same one anywhere within 100 miles of where I am. Ordered at 9:45 PM last night...got shipping notification at 11 am today already. Already enjoying the charcoal discussions...I'm in the market obviously. Really want to try out the DoJoe pizza accessory....even if it's pricey as hell.
  20. Welcome....joined just now. Avid griller. Looking for tips on working with my first kamado. Have a little history with some BGEs I've cooked on before. I am going to be building a grill table on wheels to hold my KJ 24 Big Joe and a side burner I am installing in it. Looking forward to learning a lot.
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