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  1. I took on a ham today further to John Setzler’s post on the internet. What a delicious and satisfying cook.. it is still in progress but that marmalade and rum glaze is absolutely to die for - I can’t wait to get into this tonight.. C7418B39-931F-4F0E-A664-AFCEFFAF3777.MOV
  2. That’s great - I have a feeling the lower position of the ceramic plates is prohibiting full development of the heat so I may try this method. Thank you!
  3. Hi, I have had no probs cooking low and slow but getting to 400+ with the ceramic plates in place seems difficult - am I supposed to remove them to cook at higher heat? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
  4. Lol that really was one Badass steak..! Temp wise the Wolfe Pit say to cook it 5 mins each side until you reach an internal temp of 135 degrees. Two mins in on the first side the steak was charring up so there’s no way I could have held it over those coals for 5 mins per side.. ergo my question. As it was I did the other side for literally 40 secs, put the meat thermometer back in and continued to cook it on indirect high heat for approx 10 mins until internal temp of 135. My only guess with the searing is to raise the grill to the top setting to stop the flare up..?
  5. Amazing ..! Where did you get your lamb? I will be stealing this recipe for sure!
  6. Extremely well done on that brisket.. and I’m with you on the Kamado versus gas grill. I still use the gas for veg and extra things that need more ‘real estate’ but the elemental process, textures and tastes from Kamado Joe have me also completely addicted. .my new favourite pastime :-))
  7. Hi folks, I had another epic on the Kamado tonight thanks to that incredible piece of kit the Kamado Joe. I reverse-seared a Tomahawk Ribeye steak following instructions from the Wolfe pit (below). I had incredible results with this before but was not prepared for the super high temperatures when searing on the Kamado Joe. Typically I would sear at around 585 but this was in the late 600’s and I had to take it out of the line of fire before ruining an amazing piece of meat. What temps do people sear at on the KJ and how do you avoid flare ups? The steak was incredible by the way..
  8. Thank you..! I can’t recall the $ per pound but it was $56 for that monster and we are still eating it ..!
  9. I had a fair bit of experience grilling on my Broil King but it lacks soul somehow on a gas grill.. I was in seventh heaven cooking on the Kamado - back to basics with charcoal, adding the hickory chunks, and learning to control the heat over a sloooowww cook. Suffice it to say I’m completing addicted now..!
  10. I had to ask them to do that - I have a family of five but asked them to trim it for seven people. I requested a smaller size as the only brisket in Costco was 85 bucks and the size of a football field.. here are some pics of Florence Meats - my new favourite butcher :-))
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