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  1. Three people works pretty well, with two supporting most of the weight and the third guiding and making sure there are no "oops" moments. This sucker is just girthy and not cheap to replace. It helps that the cart is shipped in a separate box, so you don't have to do the initial lift to free the cart that videos of the BJ2 showed. Don't forget to lock those casters. I had to move my BJ3 to the backyard patio. I have one of those gorilla carts which worked like a champ, but again it was good to have 3 guys--one to pull and one on either side to stabilize during the move.
  2. RussB

    Hey y'all

    Hey folks, finally joined the legions of ceramic grill owners with a Big Joe III. Also have a gasser & pellet chucker, once had a side-box smoker. I'm pretty impressed so far with just two cooks.
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