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  1. Follow up from my problem. It was totally location of the probes on the grate. I’m finishing up a butt right now that I set overnight. Grill maintained constant 230-245 through the night. My probe for grate temp is positioned much further away from the side and it has been within a few degrees (10 at most) of the dome thermometer for this entire cook.
  2. I was dealing with this today. Bought the maverick X-r50 and used for first time today. Cooked 2 racks of ribs. Tried to dial dome to 250 grate temp . When I hit 230 I put the ribs on and watched it slowly climb. Problem was it never quit. Even when I put the brakes on it. I ended up taking another probe and putting at opposite side of rack. Temp was 50 deg hotter! Thought it was a fluke so I put a Weber temp probe through the gasket near one of the probes and it matched the Mavericks readings. The gauge on the dome never went above 250 and I had the bottom vent open about an inch and the top setting on about the second line (classic 2). A lot of head scratching and a few curse words later I’m not sure what was happening. Gasket was sealed tight. The above answer makes sense though. But why would I read about all these guys advising to set a probe on grate and one on meat??? I’m new to grilling/smoking so this was kind of frustrating
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. As for Shocker, it is my name on all other hunting/fishing/outdoor forums. After a long slump in the deer woods I told a good buddies young son that I came so close to harvesting a big buck I had been chasing for years. He said if I get a deer it would be a “Shocker”. We laughed and laughed cause it was hilarious from the mouth of a 4 yr old. So SHOCKER was born. It’s not as dirty as it sounds I swear haha!
  4. Hey, just picked up kamado grilling for a new hobby. My hunting/fishing days are getting fewer and further between with the age of my young ones right now so I decided I needed a hobby at the house. I’ve been using my joe classic 2 for a few weeks now and LOVE it! I did pulled pork on July 4th, I’ve also done beer can burgers, chicken quarters, and gonna try some wings this weekend. Still need to order a good temp probe. Looking fwd to picking some brains on here as I’m a super novice haha.
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