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  1. Yeah, I’ve got the newer Kontrol Tower. I think the problem is that some of the aluminum is just coated, and if the coat gets damaged it will rust underneath.. Attached is a photo of the rust forming on the outside of the grill.
  2. Yeah I’m surprised as well. It’s on both the control tower and screws :(
  3. Hi everyone, I’ve had my KJ Classic III for a couple months, and unfortunately I see some rust forming on the outside screws and even on the chimney. We’ve had a couple wet weeks here. After leaving my BGE outside for more than a year I never had any rust, so I’m a bit disappointed to see rust forming on the KJ. Any removal and care tips? Cheers, Joel
  4. Thanks Chris & John, will give it a try. I usually do try to clean as much as possible while it’s still hot. Most difficult part of the soapstone so far is that it stays so hot for a long time making it more difficult to handle. Soapstone is more difficult to pick up and flip upside down while hot. If KJ ever makes a v2 soapstone, it would be nice if it had a small ident or lip to help pick it up (although that would probably make it more fragile)
  5. Hi everyone, I purchased a soapstone recently and am really happy with it. Smash burgers and steak searing has been phenomenal. I’m looking for some advice on cleaning. Some people seem to just say water + soap, but I was wondering if there are other tips? Maybe a high-temp cook? Cheers, Joel
  6. Thanks @lnarngr, I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes!
  7. Hi everyone, This weekend I want to throw some picanha on the BBQ, and want to do an indirect low & slow (~4hr) then reverse sear. I was wondering whether anyone has ever tried using the soapstone as a heat deflector during the low & slow cook, and afterwards for searing. Has anyone tried this before? I’m afraid that the soapstone might not be hot enough for a good sear, but logistically it sounds ideal.f Cheers Joel
  8. I heard many people felt mistreated by the kickstart campaign(s). I’m not aware of what happened but just purchased the device on its own. the meater+ Uses the charging block to extend the Bluetooth signal. Longest cook I’ve done is about 3-4 hours, and I think I had about 70% battery left. Tomorrow I’ll try pulled pork with it and see how long it lasts!
  9. Works great for me. Temp readings feel a bit slower compared to wired probes, but it saves a lot of hassle for basic cooks Make sure to get the Meater+ with extended range (about $20 extra I think)
  10. Hi everyone, I’m a new & proud Kamado Joe Classic owner. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the rain cover. I upgraded from a BGE Minimax which I’ve left uncovered out in the rain for a year without problems. Can I expect the same from the KJ or is it better to get the rain cover? As I will do 1-2 cooks each week I wonder whether it’s worth the hassle.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Got it setup yesterday with a friend, definitely a very smooth experience compared to BGE... I remember I needed to put my BGE Minimax together piece by piece. I spent longer unpacking the KJ than assembling it
  12. Hi everyone, As of tomorrow I’ll be a first time Kamado Joe owner. I saw a KJ Classic III on sale and that helped me pull the trigger. I’m the happy owner of a BGE Minimax, but too often missed the extra space, especially when cooking for groups or on big boston butts. I live in an apartment in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) meaning I don’t have a very big balcony... but I figured there is just enough space for a KJ Classic It’s being delivered tomorrow so I hope to share my first cooks here soon... First question... can you assemble the Classic III with two adults or is the extra weight a problem? Cheers, Joel
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