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  1. The next solar viewing session will be from 2pm to 3:30pm on Saturday 24 February during HRPOs NanoDays event. This event will have several demonstrations and experiments related to the science of nanotechnology. For those who have any queries concerning in which in addition to the best way to employ How much does a gamer make on YouTube , you are able to contact us with our webpage
  2. I dont know how it is that great builds like this get past me from time to time, but at least I found it That is one beautiful piece of spacecraft Ian---inspiring to say the least
  3. Not been on much myself last couple of months, probably only a couple of hours in the last six weeks. When I do logon I usually see 0 - 2 players on. So, anyone still around?
  4. Yeah PetSmart will match any of their online prices, you just have to show it to them. I always check the prices online before I go to the store for anything.
  5. Hey all, The recipe for Carrot Pulp Cake on this site is really great I changed mine up a bit ...check it out on my blog and subscribe Thanks
  6. ACE Hardware is now offering an every day 10 discount to AA members on all UCA merchandise. You must present your AA membership card in order to get the discount. There will be a "sale day" sometime next month with even a larger discount on UCA gear plus other items in the store. Will relay the details to you in the near future.
  7. rnrnsome dude that tinkers with watches and realized if he tinkers with a rolex it will sell for 3 times the price. rn rnI love it with out the cyclops and crown guards...really neat. just not worth whatever the asking price is.rn
  8. Im bumping this thread up because Ive been seeing the commercial on tv over and over again and I would really like to know if anyone here has tried it ?
  9. Is there a way I can attach a photo? I had contributed to a thread dealing with turnip wine and I wanted - if possible - to attach a photo of this wine showing how well it had cleared..But if I cant, I cant. Thanks
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